Star Citizen Developer Says PS4 Is A Better Platform To Develop Games On

It looks as though Sony are making all the right moves.

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Amongst those you pay attention to the developers side of gaming nowadays (an increasing audience thanks to the growth of indie developers) will know all too well that the PlayStation 3 was a terrible platform to develop games for due to a non-standard architecture. It’s interesting, go do some research.

Well, the PlayStation 4 is said to be much better for the development of games, much to the pleasure of developers around the world, be they AAA teams or Solo Indie dev’s. Now, the best I can make is a side scrolling platformer with janky collision, so listen to a pro.

One developer, Sean Tracey, is currently working on the hugely anticipated Cloud Imperium title, Star Citizen, and he had this to say about the PS4 Devkit “My opinion on it is that it’s much better to develop for than PS3 ever was. It’s powerful and Sony has put the right tools in place for developers…tools that aren’t nearly as obscure or unintuitive as they may have been in the past.”

Now let us hope that a Star Citizen port hits on the PS4 sometime in the future.


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  • Nojan

    keep hoping 😉 , maybe PS5

  • Knowles2

    One wonders why Cloud Imperium would invest in a PS4 Devkit if they weren’t planning to bring Star citizen to PS4.

    • Nojan

      because sony sent it to them, and this was a bout a year ago, time and time again they have said there won’t be a console version at least not this generation

    • Daniel evans

      do your homework. they said themselves ps4 port is something they are thinking about. they even went as far to say ps4 is even more likely than xbox one.

    • Brian Bottoms

      Do your own home work, CR has said this will be PC only, current consoles can not handle SC, there is a sliver of possibility, that it could be on next Gen consoles. He has stated emphatically that SC will not be dumbed down for consoles.

    • Daniel evans

      your comment made no sense. “do my homework”, you just said yourself there is a sliver of hope of a port so i guess that means i did do my homework doesnt it?. i did not say it as a “fact”, i said they are “thinking” about it. when they said it wont be dumbed down for a lesser platform they was talking about the pc version as fans were worried that the pc version would be dumbed down to fit on ps4. he pc version is the major platform they are focusing on so no, it wont be dumbed down. after that they even said ps4 is more likely than xbox one. does this sound like they are “not” thinking about it to you?

    • Igax

      They have never thought about…. stop planting false stories. It has been said over and over again that current consoles can not run SC.

    • Brian Bottoms

      It will not run on current Gen, they can not handle it, PS4 and XBox One, are both current Gen and it will never be on them, hence do your homework. A quick search can find articles from PAX Aus where Roberts is quoted saying, he doesn’t care about consoles. Because you take quotes out of context or use year old info, does not make the pipe dream on SC being on current Gen any more true, still only a sliver of possibility it will be on next Gen, if they have the hardware to run it and all players are in the servers regardless of platform.

  • Igax

    If you write an article you should do some homework. Roberts has said time and again NO console ports, this is a PC game.

    • Daniel evans

      actually if you do your homework then you would know a ps4 port isnt out of the question. its something they are thinking about.

    • ShoNuff

      Chris Roberts has said this is a pc only game. At one point they looked into the feasibility of porting to the consoles but they decided that they he didn’t want to be limited by the consoles.
      “First and foremost, consoles couldn’t possibly handle a game like Star Citizen. Chris and I grew up with PC games and in the last few years we had the feeling that PC had been pushed aside, with most games coming out as mere console ports with graphics that didn’t really exploit the power of PC,” he said. “Gaming PCs right now are formidable, with powerful CPUs and GPUs. Even next-generation consoles cannot be compared, their internal components are already older than what I could add to a gaming PC today.”

    • Daniel evans

      i understand that and thats why im getting a pc built real soon (hopefully)if all goes to plan so im not just stuck with the ps4. i will enjoy star citizen on pc and cant wait. im sure i remember though he said the ps4 “could” be a possibility and when he said it wouldnt be downgraded for a lesser platform he was talking to the fans as they was worried the pc version would be downgraded as a way to put this on ps4.shortly after that he mentioned sony’s platform is more likely than the xbox one if it were to happen. why would he talk like that if they had no intentions of porting it? it sounds to me like they are at least thinking about it.

    • Igax

      It has never been said a PS4 could run SC. All the devs have been very vocal that NO console out now could handle SC. I have done my homework and have been following SC since it was a rumor on Reddit.

    • Drake Richter

      Absolutely no console ports, that has been the official stance for awhile now.

      My PC is about a year and a half old and runs circles around the newest consoles (both around a year old).

  • Psionicinversion

    More clutching at straws for a port that will never happen. Of course its easier to develop for its straight up x86 which is why the ps4 will be pretty tapped out already and what were seeing is pathetic

  • Hyper1

    its funny how one comment can be taken so out of context, I mean he said it was better than the PS3, such a clickbait title.

    • Guest

      And its even funnier just how insecure you are. Did anybody say in comparison to the X1? Also, its a known fact that the PS4 API/SDK are better than MS’s. Now stop taking things out of context.

    • Hyper1

      not sure why you think I believe its better on the X1 or something, I’m a PC gamer and this is a PC developer saying this.

      its a click bait title because there has been a lot of console users wanting to play star citizen, the game that the person quoted is working on, but are unable due to it being a PC only game.

      so I’m not insecure at all this is just a clickbait title.

  • Mark

    Here’s what Sean said “My opinion on it is that it’s much better to develop for than PS3 ever was”. I guess we’ll have to make of that, what we will. Although I appreciate some of the topics covered on GBolt, the click bait is a bit much, as words or statements coming from devs are taken outta context. Feel like I gotta do my own homework most of the time on here. Anyway, SC looks incredible.

  • Drake Richter

    Absolutely useless clickbait article. Seriously, you could have written something better and gotten more clicks, but instead we have this…


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