Star Citizen Developer Using Shotgun to Review and Manage Game Assets

Cloud Imperium praises the software for managing and reviewing art assets.

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Cloud Imperium, developer of the upcoing space sim MMO Star Citizen, has revealed that it is using Shotgun Software for its web-based production management. It is also using it to track the hundreds of new assets it creates on a daily basis along with reviewing the same across its global network of artists.

Chief Visual Officer at Cloud Imperium Chris Olivia stated that, “Everyone at Cloud Imperium has a Shotgun account. It’s not just the artists; all departments – including engineers, coders and designers – use Shotgun to organize assets, deliver feedback and communicate internally. We’ve used Shotgun since the beginning of production on Star Citizen, and it has really helped us manage the information overload.

“It’s really provided us with a reliable way to organize art. And if we ever need to go back and evaluate our work, we can view reports directly from Shotgun to see the history of an asset since it was first created.”

Cloud Imperium plans to use Shotgun later in its pipeline in order to track artist hours and plan out its budgets and schedules.

“Our artists love Shotgun, because it’s very visual and easy to use. It’s a single tool we’re able to funnel all of our art and communication through, which helps us deliver more of the gameplay for users to test in the beta mode sooner. With Shotgun our team is able to keep pushing forward in production!”

Meanwhile, Star Citizen is pegged for a 2015 commercial release. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • manzes

    They should stop to use this “shotgun” (analogy), since all the time they are shooting in their own feet, with their continuous failed communication, marketing and deadlines.

    • Psionicinversion

      deadlines for what? failing to provide a pre alpha version which youd never ever usually get to see????

  • Cynic

    Shotgun is real software? Could’ve fooled me. With CIG’s wishy washy behavior lately I figured that people just show up for work whenever they feel like it and use throwing darts to determine management.

    Chris Roberts makes an announcement and the rest of the team just treat it as a suggestion. Daily updates “until it ships” turned into “only during the business week” within hours. And “You’ll know what I know” was canned over the weekend as well.

    Good job, CIG.

  • random internet dood

    Yes we were promised a product, they have so far failed to deliver. Theese mythical blockers get patched sooo fast that they literally could patch.them after release. All they are doing riding the hype to drum up more funds. Its alpha, let it be alpha not polished beta.


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