Star Citizen Makes History, Raises $40 Million Through Crowdfunding

Holy shit.

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Chris Roberts’ incredible looking Star Citizen, which is due out on PC next year, has raised a staggering $40 million only via crowdfunding, Eurogamer reports. This astronomical sum is spread out over 405,803 people, meaning each backer has been willing to part with roughly $100 for this game on average- almost double the money they would pay for the average game.

This landmark means that developer Cloud Imperium Games will add the Kabal and Oretani systems to the game; if the game manages to raise another $2 million, they will also add the Observist section of Star Citizen’s Galactapedia (think of it as the Encyclopedia Galactica in the Foundation books by Isaac Asimov).

To quote Roberts himself, “The Galactapedia isn’t a simple wiki or a static how-to guide- it’s going to integrate directly into the game universe and respond in real-time as players steer the course of Star Citizen’s world.

“We envision making the news with an impressive feat in the Galactapedia as a major goal for many players: if you’re the one who finally defeats the Dread Pirate Roberts, charts a new Jump Point or makes the Advocacy’s Most Wanted list, your actions will become memorialised for all time in the Galactapedia.”

This game releases some time next year. Stay tuned.

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  • Psionicinversion

    you forgot the $41million stretch goal which is R&D into procedural generation tech for exploring entire planets and stuff although tbh theyve prolly bin dabbling in it already but that one will put some serious weight into it and get it rolling

    • BroJ

      Releases next year. LOL.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah… so does witcher 3 and itll blow that away, itll blow the order 1886 away, itll blow every game away for the next few years, easily. If you dont want to accept the PU as thr MMO side compare the 50 mission single player Squadron 42 against other games and itll destroy them to


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