Star Citizen: New Video And Screenshots Show The Mustang In Amazing Detail

This is how you use 4K properly.

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Star Citizen_Borea_MagnusII

A simple question for you all. How do you take something that already looks great, and make it look better? You can’t just add more to it because as every artist knows, you need to know when to put the brush down. You can however present what you’ve done in stunning detail, and that can of course be accomplished by way of 4K resolutions.

That’s exactly what fan FiendishFeather has done for Star Citizen, the space game to challenge all space games. He also released a series of screenshots that he has put together himself from inspiration drawn from Cloud Imperiums urban aesthetics. FiendishFeather runs the YouTube channel Corporation Incorporated, so you can keep an eye on other projects by following its video feed, if that’s your thing.

This is another perfect example of amazing gamers showing their talents for creation and making something that would rival a professional production. It’s things like this that make me happy to be involved in this culture.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Console fanboys scared that this will be a game that will beat there pathetic games for the whole gen. PC wins console lose

    • Knowles2

      Having played the SC:Arena no one should be scared of this game. Yes it pretty graphics but that all it is so far.

    • Psionicinversion

      AC is very important because its testing the flight physics for the whole game, it’s also testing the server side connectivity and now its testing the lobbying and match making system. They havnt released it for a laugh it’s got a very real purpose.

      The FPS module is testing out animations, the gun play, balancing, zero G movement, things like does the gravity shut off properly, all that stuff for the whole game. So releasing it and fixing it now on a massive scale should help to ensure there are as few bugs as possible for release.

      Same for planetside/social module, do the NPCs react to you properly do they walk around doing there own thing, do certain systems work as intended etc etc.

      There’s is a point to it all. Actually AC needed to be done and out first to test everything because its doing stuff the cryengine wasn’t designed for so need lots of testing and bug stomping


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