Star Citizen New Video Shows Procedurally Generated Planet Exploration

Could this game be any more impressive?

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Star Citizen continues to look more and more impressive each time we see it. And now here’s a new trailer for the game, running in engine, in real time, that shows off what the planetary exploration in the game will be like. The planetary exploration seems to be powered by a brand new technology that will procedurally generate the surfaces, much like No Man’s Sky, although the technology on display here seems to be a bit more impressive.

Everything that you see in this video is running in-game, in real-time, although naturally, it is important to remember that this is pre-release footage from an in development build of the game, so the final game may vary a bit from what you see here. According to Cloud Imperium, the need for such a system came from the fact that it would be impossible to fit so many planets (they have a lot of them in Star Citizen) in the game’s memory with as much detail as they wanted- the options were to either limit the detail of each surface, or to limit the scope of the game. So they went with option number 3, which is procedurally generating the surface of the planets.

Check this out for yourself below:

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  • Psionicinversion

    Cant stop this train ride of amazingness

  • Benjamin Peters

    Just a heads up to people interested in this project: For right now, you can get the full game for $45 by backing the game at the cheapest starter package. So for $45 you get the entire single player campaign, the multiplayer universe, as well as access to the alpha and beta. You can pick up a package here:

    Once the game is released, the single player and the MMO portion are going to retail separately and for standard game prices.

    I highly recommend you use someone’s referral code when you make an account should you decide you want to get in on this game now. Both you and the person who gave you their code get some small bonuses for it. I don’t share my code however unless someone specifically asks me for it. We get enough people just spamming it around as it is.

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