Star Citizen Reaches $41 Million In Funding

Absolutely incredible.

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Star Citizen has now reached $41 million in funding, with  total of 417,219 people having backed the title so far. The number is absolutely stunning and incredible, and gives Star Citizen an impressive game development budget- certainly one that would rank very high up on a list of highest game budgets.

Chris Roberts’ upcoming space simulator will now get procedurally generated content for having reached this milestone. The next milestone is $42 million in funding- should the game it that, it’s going to get a ‘Galactopedia’ included within it. Considering that it hit the $40 million mark just a month ago, the $42 million mark shouldn’t be that far off.

Star Citizen is not only one of the most expensive games of all time (which is impressive, considering it is not being backed or funded by a major studio), it is also the highest crowdfunded anything, ever, having raised over four times as much money as the next closest crowdfunded project. It is due to launch on PC sometime next year.

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  • Jackinthebox

    All these PC players backing this game. I smell desperate for something to play. This game is going to fail.

    • Psionicinversion

      fck you lol, desparate at clinching ont o last gen gfx and gameplay lie infamous so butt hurtt better games are coing out like watch dogs the dicision, star citizen, the order wil be a tech demo fukll of boring nonesense… want eatch some real AI at work SC got a video on what Moon Collider with there Kythera engine is going do for them… your pathetic spcial awareness non existent and stupid

    • Nano

      Psionicinversion. The level of stupid in your comment is over 9000

    • Nano

      I can’t make heads or tails whether you are supporting SC or not, (Among other things)…. I do

    • Psionicinversion

      of course i am got a 300i + F7c hornet sitting in my hangar :d

    • PC PWNS

      You only think its going to fail because it’s not coming to consoles…

    • John J. Mercieca

      your life has failed already

    • ParaBellum

      Get lost console peasant. This game is for the PC gaming masterrace.


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