Star Citizen Teasing Racing, First-Person Shooting

Is there anything this game won’t do?

The more I hear of Star Citizen, the upcoming space simulator coming from Cloud Imperium and Chris Roberts (of Wing Commander fame), the more I get convinced that this release might go on to be perceived as one of, if not the, greatest game of all time. Seriously, its scope is mind boggling and staggering, and it seems there is no end to what all the developers are planning to add to the package.

Take this, for example. Kotaku is reporting that the newest Star Citizen video (embedded for your convenience above) may be teasing racing and first person shooting for the game. That adds to an already extensive laundry list of stuff you can do in this game.

Star Citizen is due out exclusively for the PC (because seriously, think about it, what other system could support something of this caliber, really?) some time in 2015. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage.

  • Psionicinversion

    the fps teaser is good the racing with looks amazing out in about 2 weeks well hopefully 1 weekish seeing as he announced it last week at gamescom but the new constellation trailer is STAGGERING, link them all up cus its amazing. bin playing arena commander today and for a pre-alpha visuals are stunning and the physics are insane. still having trouble controlling ships at max speed and in 0.9 they are doubling the ships speed and adding an “affterburn” to the thrusters to help stabilise your ship at higher thrust speeds

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