Star Citizen Video Details Exotic Ships, Top Gear-Style

They certainly are pretty.

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Star Citizen

Ships are a big part of Cloud Imperium’s Star Citizen – just look at how much they retail for in real world money – and they look pretty damn cool. To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Star Citizen’s crowd-funding campaign, the developer released a new video which looks at some of the exotic ships that can be acquired in-game.

The presentation comes courtesy of reporter Jax McCleary of Galactic Tour who’s presentation bears more than a passing resemblance to Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson. If it works, then why not go for it? Plus, we get to see how ships like the Prowler and Mustang look.

Star Citizen has been in development for quite a while. Its single-player campaign “Squadron 42” was to release this year but faced another delay. Expect it out next year with a release schedule of sorts to come from the developer soon. What do you think of the ships showcased? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Gamez Rule

    Another delay after another delay and so on. That’s all we hear with star citizen. By the time this game gets out from development stages and into a full release stage it will be forgotten OR just pushed aside for something newer.

    • Skye


      They have started off nothing but a kickstarter, and constantly release huge updates, and constantly tell the community whats coming up & what they are working on. They also said it will be ready for sometime in 2017. We just don’t know if thats early access or full release. I hope they take longer to work on it.

    • Carlawconner

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    • Paul

      Look on the bright side, if this game was done by a publisher, you would never of heard of it until about a year before release, this game is getting a lot of flak because it’s in the public eye from the beginning, now some are starting to realise how long games take and how many get delayed many times and considering they are trying to do far more than any other game, it’s going to take time.

    • US_War_Veteran

      You obviously do not know the gaming development industry and what it takes to make a game of this quality and magnitude, you must think that when a company announces a game and six months later you can buy it in the store the development time must have been six months, what you don’t know is that that game was in development for years, 4,5,6,7 o more YEARS before they announced it, and only when the beta testing is done and only when they are certain of a release date do they actually start advertizing it.

    • Gamez Rule

      Star Citizen backers who have pledged more than $87 million back in 2015 to his game, are still waiting for delivery and in many cases some of these backers have asked for their money back because Star Citizen was originally due to be launched at the end of 2014 and people are ( STILL waiting )

      And yet again this year in Oct 2016 it was shown that Star Citizen single-player was delayed again! That’s all people see another delay after another delay and so on. You may not agree or like that but that’s how it is imo and to some of the backers.

    • US_War_Veteran

      The original scope of the game has been changed and expanded, the original scope and dates do not apply, CIG took a vote on this, due to the overwhelming support they asked if WE the backers wanted extra features, extra content, more systems and planets, more ships, more weapons, better graphics, etc., and WE the backers told CIG “YES, YES WE WANT IT ALL”, so then CIG put out a statement that the original scope and original timelines no longer applied because the extra content was going to take much more time to create. As far as people asking for their money back, it has been proven that a lot of this people were from competing studios or developers of other games trying to stir the pot, real backers understand this game will take a lot of time to produce to be built the way we asked for it, so we will patiently wait, I rather CIG take their time and releases a good product rather than releasing a buggy game and then patch it to death.

    • Gamez Rule

      Then you have to except that when this finally releases will it still be held as such a great game like it would have been back in 2012 as game engines and game developments have moved forward since then as well as hardware.

      2012 was release date BUT in 2017 it will be 5 years in delay process. There will be more content but that could have been released as updates or patches or even packs after the game released like we see in most games of today, so by the time the game gets released what’s stopping it from being on PS5 / Xbone Scorpio ect. The delay is just took long and STILL being delayed like shown back in Oct-2017.

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