Star Citizen’s Dogfighting Module Stumbles Upon a Major Roadblock

“It would be foolish to release an unstable build,” says Chris Roberts.

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While upcoming space trading and combat simulator Star Citizen may have the eye candy to really impress people,  Chris Roberts founder of Cloud Imperium Games, recently announced that Star Citizen’s Dogfighting Module will face a delay. The reason for this delay is because the game currently has too many bugs and is not play worthy at the moment.

On his website Chris Roberts stated that “The decision was that we are not able to release Arena Commander as there are too many blocking and critical issues outstanding.

It would be foolish to release an unstable build, even if pre-alpha for the sake of meeting an internal deadline. This is the power of the crowd funding that made Star Citizen possible: a publisher would make us ship tomorrow regardless of the current build quality… but as you are all focused on quality rather than a financial return for shareholders we are able to take a few more days to deliver something that is stable.”I know that’s not the news you wanted to hear tonight. No-one would like to see the community get their hands on Arena Commander more than I would,”

Even though that this is a major roadblock, fans and supporters of the game, have faith that the game will deliver when it’s ready. Star Citizen recently crossed $44 million in lifetime funding, and so far over 450,000 people have contributed to the project.

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  • manzes

    A bird told me that as soon as the media stop talking about the Watch Dogs release, all these bugs that prevent the Arena Commander module to be launched will disappear magically and the module will be released.

    Chris Roberts learned by pain in the past (And he fought against to do not make that, but the production did not hear him in that time) that launching its stuff in the same week of some long waited blockbuster is a dumb thing (Wing Commander movie x Star Wars – The Phantom Menace, someone?).

    After 6 months of delay, all the effort to make this release calling attention, with very well polished ships to be sold in a Pay-Wall, but that people will spend more, only if they can see them flying or having the ability to flying them (even that are just 3 at the beginning, but these 3 represents a lot more millions in their pockets, plus the potential to bring more people), they definitely would not be dumb to launch exactly at the same week of the launch of Watch Dogs.

    After all, there are only description of the bugs. Curiously, not evidence or footage of them. But I suppose that they don’t have time to do such thing, after all, their “movie maker” team is too busy working in that PR Reality Shows of Wednesday and Friday.

    I like the way that this team is so opened and transparent. They lie transparently.

    • Ron Wright

      What is a “Watch Dogs release”? And which one or two of us Star Citizen fans is concerned about it or should be? Just saying that your perspective and mine are not the same and simply because you or i have a perspective, that does not make them correct.


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