Star Wars Battlefront Dev Defends Against Claims of Milking Products, Not Using ‘Evasive Tactics’

DICE developer Jesper Nielsen on how they are working hard to develop a great game.

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Star Wars Battlefront

DICE developer Jesper Nielsen was recently on Reddit, taking questions and doling out answers where he could. Ever since Battlefield 4, player’s trust with DICE has hit an all time low. Due to this certain players believe that DICE and EA are simply milking their products and will continue to do so with Star Wars Battlefront.

However Jesper defended DICE and EA against such claims on Reddit. “I don’t at all agree with what you’re saying, and we have a lot of passionate, hard-working people spending countless hours trying to make a great game experience. It’s ok if you don’t like it, but I get sad when people paint the picture of us just doing knowingly bad things. If you ever get the chance you visit DICE, I think you would quickly see how much passion and energy goes into games like these.”

Moving on, as anyone under NDA will tell you, it can be a bit bothersome when people ask you a question that you can’t answer. It’s because of this that Nielsen had to say that DICE are not using “evasive tactics” after one user called him “slippery”.

Perhaps what’s less defensible is his response to features being cut from the game. The original Battlefront games offered many maps, player classes that balanced the game, a huge array of vehicles, space, air and land combat (sometimes combined), Β the list goes on. Jesper said the following regarding the same. “That features do not a great game make. And it’s also depends on how you look at; it’s a reboot, so it’s not really matter of “cutting out” anything. I do understand what they’re saying, but… if that’s how you want to look at it, there’s no much I can do about it :)”

However, Jesper acknowledges that there is definitely room for improvement. “I definitely agree there’s room for improvement in the areas you’ve highlighted and it’s things we’re often talking about. Not working directly with Battlelog anymore, as I said, so I can’t comment on what is or isn’t happening, but trust me, people are listening to all of that feedback.”

Star Wars Battlefront launches this November on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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  • Tyson225

    why do they have to leave out clone wars? and keep only missions and not make a instant action mode……..

    • ChatWraithShichi

      Because a large part of the game is supposed to serve as a prologue to Episode 7. Because of this, episodes 1-3 are too far from the target of the project. It’s supposed to serve as a new entry in the battlefront series AND lead up to the unprecedented release of the new trilogy.

      They have a huge deadline, and rather than rush it and stretch out the project, and possibly risk missing release date, they cut the game down and polish everything they CAN make.

      Does this suck for content? yes. Is this disappointing for players? yes. This is just how contracts work though, especially working with a huge franchise like this. If they were an indie developer or making their own property, they could delay delay delay. With this game, they don’t have that freedom.

  • Adriano

    Looks like DICE will be pulling the “Hardline” once again. -_-

    • Corey

      Hardline is a great game. WAY better than BF4 is. Gosh, BF4 just isn’t fun at all….every time I try to play it its just obnoxious. Doesn’t help that they destroyed the Rush gametype.

  • Mike Peterson

    The criticism of the game, including this article, is completely unfair. The less extra stuff in the game you guys refer to equals more time honing in on the quality of what it already offers. I opt for quality over quantity.

    • Giwrgos Efthimiou

      what it already offers? πŸ˜› no space battles, no clone wars. It’s already 1/4 of the previous games. No offence but if i order a salad i want to be given a salad not a slice of tomato no matter if it is the most expensive slice of tomato in the world

    • Jacob Page

      So you’d take the salad even if they haven’t taken the time to wash off the pesticides because you want your salad and you want it now? Or before they cut all of the wilted parts of the vegetables off? This sense of enitlement, along with terrible development ethics to your defense, is whats wrong with the gaming industry. Its not just them, its us as well.

    • Mankoi

      But I don’t want my salad now! Someone else decided for me that I should get my salad now. Left up to me, I’d happily wait for them to make my salad right, pay a fair price for my salad, and then eat my salad. Instead the manager of the salad place is standing over their shoulder and demanding that they make the salad inside of 30 seconds, so that they can time the salad being done with the release of their new salad dressing. And this metaphor is getting away from me.

      The point is, it’s not unreasonable to complain about a lack of content. It may not be the dev’s fault, because they have to make a certain release date. But “It’s not my fault!” does not make the game better (or make the hyperdrive work). LIke, I don’t blame Obsedian for having a terrible ending to Knights of the Old Republic 2, because the game was rushed to release before it was done. That’s not their fault, but it doesn’t mean the ending isn’t an unfinished mess.

      To go back to the metaphor, this is also like getting two perfectly good salads, then coming back to get tomato slice because the salad people rushed. It’s not unreasonable to expect a salad to live up to the standards of the two salads that came before it.

    • Geralt of Rivia

      They also shouldn’t charge for the tomato you didn’t originally get when you ordered you salad because they rushed it. If they decide to add extra parts to the game they were forced to cut because of a deadline, they should give it as free content and not paid DLC. Never understood why companies like EA will release a game for $60 then make you pay for small extra content.

    • Andrew Johnson

      EA seems to give deadlines that are near impossible to meet, and cause the games to be rushed. At least, that’s how it seems to me.

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