State of Decay Wiki: Everything you need to know about the game

All the information you may need about State of Decay.

State of Decay Wiki: Everything you need to know about the game

State of Decay

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Undead Labs

Platforms: Xbox 360, PC

Genre: Survival Horror

Release Date: Xbox 360: June 5th 2013, PC: November 5th, 2013

S tate of Decay is an upcoming open world zombie survival horror game.

The game is scheduled to be released for Xbox Live Arcade and PC on June 15th 2013. State of Decay has gone into closed beta testing with a paid entrance fee for early players and testers. Since then the closed beta has ended and the game has saw an official PC release via digital download that arrived on 5th November 2013.

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Originally titled as Class 3, ArenaNet and co-creator of World of Warcraft Jeff Strain said that he wanted to create a game where players could concoct their own zombie survival strategies and put them to the test. With that in mind he started to create the Class 3 (State of Decay) engine which would run on Crytek’s CryEngine 3. Undead Labs reportedly has plans to develop a MMO style game, based around State of Decay in the future.


The player starts out as a store clerk named Marcus who is also an athlete and loves to hike. As he returns from a hunting trip, he finds the world as he knows it has gone out of control. While attempting to survive the apocalypse and its hardships, Marcus must now fend off zombies and unite with a few scattered survivors to band together and survive.


State of Decay is a real time evolving open sandbox world that will generate content based on your actions and the choices you make, with the ever present intimidating zombie threat. Players can decide if they would be better off creating a fortified place for themselves to recover their strength and then form raiding parties to gather resources and create supply chains. The players can also utilize the materials they have gathered to develop their community, but must be very vigilant as supplies and resources are very scarce and precious. Players must also be vigilant as any noises they make while scavenging can attract the attention of zombies.

Players can go all out and assault the zombies head on before they reach your base or they could keep on strengthening the home base and just wait till the attack and plan strategies accordingly. There will also be a 2 hour Day and Night cycle which means there will be 1 hour of daylight and 1 hour of night according to real world time.

Players have the option of being reckless through the game. They can dive through windows and jump on cars. There are various vehicles that can be used to run over the undead or make a hasty escape. While keeping in the mind that the resources are limited, players will have to do anything to stay alive while they hunt for weapons or food by breaking into a supermarket, police station etc.

Players can also recruit survivors based on their skill sets and needs. For example they could choose between gardeners, firearms experts, or chefs. There will be a variety of zombies that will be in the game such as runners, tanks and more. As of now, the full variety of zombies is unknown.

There will be a variety of weapons. Melee weapons such as baseball bats will be available along with firearms such as sniper rifles, handguns, and more. Environments will also be destructible, allowing players to use their surroundings in the fight against the zombies. There will also be a Skill progression system, in which the player has the option to upgrade a skill like Fighting by using melee weapons more and more.

  • Xeroh

    Actually the current “projected” release date is still the 5th of June, as long as certification ends by the 4th. If that date passes before the game is through the last phase of certification then it will be released June 12th. Also it will only be released on that date on XBLA. The PC version is currently being worked on while they wait for certification. It will be released at a later date. All this can be verified by reading the top post on their website.

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