Steam Survey Reveals That 67% Users Have A DirectX 12 Machine

Plus, 54% of them own Nvidia GPUs.

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The latest Steam survey results are now out, and they have revealed some highly interesting things, showing us how much PC gamers are taking to all the new technologies that are being afforded to them. According to Steam, almost a third of its 125 million+ users have now upgraded to Windows 10, as 29% of them are running Windows 10 on their gaming machines. A total of 67% users are running machines that are DirectX 12 capable and compatible, Steam further reports.

In addition, Steam also reported that 54% of Steam users are using an Nvidia GPU, while 26% are using an AMD/ATI GPU. Surprisingly, a full 19% of Steam users are using an Intel integrated GPU, which doesn’t make much sense, since you can’t get much done with those.

On the whole, it seems like PC gamers are taking to all the new technologies available to them pretty well- Windows 10 and Nvidia GPUs have already made some serious gains from the last Steam survey, that was published in August. With Windows 10 being free for a while, I foresee more and more people taking to it in the coming year.

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  • Terminator

    Well there you have it PC gamers know whats best…thank god a certain PS Drone propaganda isn’t working.

    • XbotMK1

      “PC gamers know whats best”

      Or because Windows 8 was so terrible and PC gamers don’t have much of a choice. Its not the best. But at least we have more proof that you’re a Microsoft fanboy.

    • Terminator

      Or maybe you should deal with it since non of your rambling and propaganda is changing peoples mind about windows, DX or vulkan.

    • Demetrius Radford

      windows 10 is pretty amazing aside from some compatability issues with older games

    • Truth™

      Linux gamers know whats best and Vulkan will make consoles completely obsolete. The PC future looks bright and the PS4 future looks 720P with how much they have to kill resolution to run VR

      Enjoy your recently hacked PS4 🙂

    • Garrantsson

      Everyone has a choice of gaming platform. PC is chosen for a number of reasons. 1: Console gaming wants to force you to pay monthly fees to play multiplayer, which blows typhoon. (I am already paying for the Internet, why would I pay to play multiplayer? Dumb!) 2: A PC gamer can change their hardware. 3: A PC is generally easier to use for more than playing games, e.g. develop games.

  • Truth™

    The GTX 970 is now the most popular GPU with steam users and sony drones will be crying that their old steam hardware survey is completely outdated.

    PC always wins, baby 🙂

    • XbotMK1

      That isn’t saying much considering there are many different GPUs and without knowing the percentage of GTX 970 compared to other cards which is one of the many problems with PC gaming.

    • Truth™

      And Vulkan will unite them all and make it much easier for developers to access them. It will do nothing for POS4 and you will bow down before superior Linux gamers by the end of the year

      It’s going to be a very long year for you 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      Windows 7 64 bit most popular
      System Ram 8GB most popular
      Physical CPUs 2 most popular
      VRAM 1024 MB most popular
      DirectX 9 most popular
      Primary Display Resolution (1920×1080 ) most popular
      Drive type DVD most popular
      Total Hard Drive Space 250GB to 499GB most popular
      Video card GeForce GTX 970 most popular.

      The above doesn’t look impressive if you ask me, I would have thought that ( most popular ) would have been much better in specs the way you always big-up PC gaming.

    • Truth™

      More PC gamers have a higher resolution and more power than POS4 gamers confirmed

      Most old games run DX9. Vulkan will set new records and make performance go way beyond consoles. Not that it’s hard considering how bad the consoles suck 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      “More PC gamers have a higher resolution and more power than POS4 gamers confirmed”……

      And that has sod all to do with ♦Iwould have thought that ( most popular ) would have been much better in specs the way you always big-up PC gaming♦

      Fact is the Steams PC ( most popular ) is not all that really, and nothing to shout about even when compared to PS4☺

    • Truth™

      A GTX 970 runs Battlefront at 1440P 60FPS at better than console settings

      A PS4 gets a measly 900P and 60FPS with drops

      The most popular steam set up runs rings around the POS4. Sorry that you are a deluded moron 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      Not at all, as a GTX 970 needs the rest of PC hardware to make it run games good,( NOT 2 CPUS as example ) and by looking at the ( most popular ) Steam findings on PC hardware I find it hard to see BF4 running at 30fps even at 900p let alone 1440p

  • XbotMK1

    And even more already have Vulkan ready PCs. Vulkan is superior because its not owned and you don’t have to be restricted to Windows 10 or even Windows. The only ones touting DX12 as being “better” are Microsoft slaves like Terminator.

    • Terminator

      LOL! Of course to you it wouldn’t say much, to you that is since it doesn’t align with your agenda but if it was a survey regarding the PS4 then you would be saying that it is 100% true. Thanks for proving us what a PS Drone Corporate Slave Hypocrite Fanboy your are 🙂

    • Alyssa Florez

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    • BananaJump

      Right now, DX12 is better for one reason. Its actually out there and usable.

      Kronos Group delayed the Vulkan finalization stage again until near the end of January, from no other but the horse’s mouth:

      “The Vulkan specification is complete and undergoing legal review and final polishing. The Vulkan conformance tests are being finalized and multiple member companies are preparing drivers for release”

      For the 8th time in a row this year…

      No finalized specification means patchy hardware support for it. Which means most developers either have to wait for Vulkan to be finalized, or just use DX12 which does the same thing anyway, then add Vulkan support later. Waiting costs (lots of) money, so of course they’re going to opt for DX11/12.

      And then there’s the history of Kronos Group… which can never decide on a standard until its too late….

  • leanton31

    DX12 will quickly be adopted for PC games. I have a 4GB GTX 960 and it already works like a charm. With the new DX12 API the new GPUs simply can take a lot more eye candy.

  • BananaJump

    Why are half of the ATI/AMD cards missing from the survey results?

    I have an AMD R9 380 4GB, yet according to Steam’s survey, nobody ones one. Not even one card from the R9 300 series. Which of course, is utter bullshit.

    Retailers/outlets/Reviewers have frequently mentioned sales, benchmarks and reviews about them. so they DO sell.

    Yet Steam they seem fine with tracking the usage of ancient legacy GPUs like the VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP, but not GPUs that actually matter for modern game

    So until they sort out the missing cards, their results are about as useful as a boat full of holes in its keel.

    • rich1051414

      Steam seems slow to add modern AMD videocards, which in turn defaults the result to whatever integrated graphics are on the pc. 60% of users are DirectX 12 ready, and if all the amd direct x 12 cards are being detected as intel, and we give 60% of the intel cards to AMD to compensate, you will get something like 56% Nvidia, 36% AMD, 8% Intel, and this makes much more sense.
      If 60% of users are using Windows 10, then why are the AMD DirectX 12 cards completely missing? Something smells fishy…


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