Street Fighter 5 PS4 vs PC Graphics Analysis: Which Version Comes Out On Top?

It’s a matter of choice and the options you have in your hands.

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For a series that is running since 1987, Street Fighter has indeed come a long way. The latest iteration was recently released on the PlayStation 4 and PC with the developers deciding not to release an Xbox One version. Whatever the reason may be behind the lack of support for Microsoft’s console, it’s fair to conclude that Xbox One players are missing out on this generation’s finest fighter.

The latest iteration of Street Fighter runs on Unreal Engine 4 and is perhaps one of the first AAA games that utilizes Epic Games’ set of framework and toolsets. The game also supports cross platform play between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions, so in other words it’s unlike any other AAA game out there. Being a fighting game, most players won’t even see any differences between the PC and PlayStation 4 versions. But on closer inspection one can see some subtle features tat sets the two versions apart.

Let us take a look at the PC version first. The developers have implemented a fair number of settings including resolution scaling, AA solution (which in this case is TAA, which is the same solution we saw getting used in the Unreal Engine 4 version of  The Vanishing of Ethan Carter), post processing effects and more, all of which can be adjusted from low to medium to high to max. But the problem with the PC version, despite the presence of four different presets, is that if your hardware isn’t up to snuff, you will most likely struggle to run the game at optimum performance. The frame rate is locked in the action on screen which results into everything getting slowed down tremendously and quite honestly, this will be game breaking issue for many if you do not meet the recommended specs.

The developers recommend a Nvidia GTX 960 to run the game at optimal performance, and by optimal performance we mean a solid 60 frames per second. Running the game at recommended requirements helped us achieve a rock solid 60 frames per second without many issues, with every setting maxed out at 1080p resolution, of course. This also goes to show that Street Fighter 5 on the PC is GPU bound and a mid-level CPU such as AMD FX 8350 will be good enough to run the game. In short, if you have a weak hardware, you will be investing your precious time changing the settings or opting for a better hardware. We know that this is not an optimal solution but it’s what it is.

So what about the PS4 version and how does it stack up against the PC build? Right off the bat, the PS4 version runs at 1080p native resolution with a solid frame rate of 60fps with minimal drops during gameplay. We did witness some minute slow downs at times, specially during the intro scenes, but nothing that will hinder the user experience. However, with more capable hardware comes better visual and post processing effects and this is where the PC on maxed settings takes the lead.

The post processing effects, in general, look and feel more polished than the PS4 version and the textures are mostly higher quality on the PC build, barring a few objects where the quality is similar on both platforms. The PC version is using a cinematic motion blur and generally has a better Temporal AA solution with more frames resulting into more crisper object edges and geometry. In short, the differences between the PC maxed out settings and PS4 are subtle and you really need to zoom in to notice the discrepancy.

I also wanted to briefly talk about how Street Fighter 5 has evolved when compared to Ultra Street Fighter 4. The former is running on a custom framework developed by the developer Dimps and right off the bat you can witness a big jump in post processing effects and character geometry. There are some major improvements in color visibility and volumetric effects along with a superior AA solution. It’s amazing to sit back and think about the transition from an in-house engine to licensed one hasn’t affected the game’s performance at all.

So where do we stand regarding Street Fighter 5? Which platform offers the best performance? Well, it’s a matter of choice and what is available with you. The developers have updated their entire engine pipeline for Street Fighter 5, moving away from proprietary in-house solution to a third party framework. Suprisingly, this makes no impact at all for a solid 60 fps experience on both consoles and PC. If you have a PC that meets the recommended requirements, then go ahead and buy the PC version due to its extra polish overall. And if you are a console gamer, the PS4 version will work just as fine with slightly lowered visual fidelity compared to a maxed out game on the PC.

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  • The truth-ier

    The PC is way more powerful then the PS4, why make these comparisons…. with MS new thing of releasing on pc and x1, people are like why have an x1, as if the ps4 is powerful compared to a modern pc…its just dumb, if you want the cutting edge, you will be a pc owner.

  • Truth™

    Reminder that PS4 version runs on medium settings and still can’t hold 60FPS

    PC always wins, baby

    • Myrtle Singleton

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    • Gamez Rule

      Talking crap as usual I see.. Fact is the game offline mode has no issues on PS4 it’s only the online that has problems, and a patch is already inbound to fix PS4 and PC problems LMAO!…In fact PC has been shown to have more issues than PS4 so please carry on and troll on as all you’ve been doing is showing yourself up to the world with your BS!☺.

    • Starman

      It’s crap …lol

    • Gamez Rule

      Far from crap LMAO! PS4 doesn’t have camera blur and looks shaper with more details in backgrounds etc ( not on about motion blur )☺

      Would have been a good seeing an Xbone version in the faceoff, but they left Xbone out when making the game☺

    • Truth™

      LMAO posting a video that shows PS4 is unplayable online.

      Way to destroy yourself, peasant 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      IF you even took the time to watch that video it states rock sold gameplay on PS4 WITH NO FRAMERATE ISSUES affecting the game offline. Also a new video released states that PS4 was syncing perfect with a PC using a titan x in the gameplay department.

      Online has a bug that drops frames but only a couple are dropped. The link under that video also shows that a patch was released ( day one ) to fix these problems and fix more problems on the PC version than PS4 had.

      PC also has problems online and offline ( ) so if anything PS4 is the more reliable version. So troll on and as you clearly like to be proven wrong☺

    • Truth™

      lol lower than PC low settings

      PC the only version worthwhile once again

    • Gamez Rule

      Still looks shaper on PS4 even when maxed out using a titan x GPU. It might be med settings but PS4 don’t look a blur feast due to camera blur☺

    • Truth™

      Optional blur. PC is still the ultimate version 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      Optional blur for ( Motion blur ) yes, but no optional setting for ( Camera blur ) hence why PS4 looks sharper doesn’t suffer with a blurry look that PC does☺

    • Truth™

      PC Can be set without blur and looks better than PS4 since it can run at higher resolutions 🙂

  • Starman

    PS4 version is crap compared to the PC version…..and I’m talking gameplay … graphically ok on the PS$ but the gameplay is horrible on the PS4…


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