Street Fighter 5 Sold Less Than 100,000 Copies Between April and June- Report

What dismal performance.

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Capcom really messed up with the launch of Street Fighter 5– the game, which was launched without much, if any, in the way of meaningful content, and which lacked some basic features necessary for a competitive multiplayer game, garnered enough bad will and bad word of mouth that apparently, its sales performance seems to have completely stalled.

In their financial report for the quarter ending on March 31, 2016, Capcom announced that Street Fighter 5 had sold 1.4 million units worldwide- in their latest quarterly report, released today, the number is still at 1.4 million. This means that in the entire period of the last three months, the game managed to sell less than 100,000 units.

There is some good news for Capcom here- Street Fighter 5 broke all manner of records at EVO this year, and the competitive crowd is who it was tailored to, so at least it seems to have done well with the demographic that it was meant for. Plus, with the recent launch of the cinematic story mode, and additional fighters and content, who is to say that the game might not eventually sell more over the coming months and years? It will be Capcom’s flagship fighter for the entirety of this generation, so it should at least have a long tail, if nothing else.

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  • Troy Marcel

    Wow, so that backfired for Capcom being console exclusive. All that money sony paid for it didn’t amount to much. So much for sony fans supporting their exclusive.

    • Clorox Bleach

      don’t think the exlusivity backfired, more like the fact the game was unfinished & lacking content.

  • Nintengods

    Smash Bros For Wii U – 5 million
    SF V – 1.4 million

    “B-B-But evo will save it! 5000 entrants!”

    Incredible scenes. Looks like Smash is going to main Evo 2017

  • how ya doin?

    That’s your fault Capcom. Next time don’t F***ing sell an incomplete game, cheapskates.

    • Phantasystar77

      Sony is just as guilty as Capcom. They helped fund the game, and gave it the greenlight for release in its early beta state. They also have a track record of pressuring mainstream review sources to put out positive reviews. Most likely not paying cash upfront, but under threats of pulling advertisement, and to stop sending preview/review copies.


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