Stunning RAGE versus Fallout 3 HD screenshot comparison

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AAGE was one of the most amazing looking games this E3. Being developed by the talented people at id Software and published by the folks at at Bethesda, the game should be one of the most visually stunning show pieces this generation. Developers have claimed that every object in the game if different and is totally hand rendered . On the other hand we have Fallout 3 which was also set in a post-apocalyptic world and was easily one of the best role playing games of 2008. So how do these games stack up against each other? Lets take a look.

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  • THWIP71

    Anyone who thinks Bethesda’s 5+ y.o. Gamebryo engine has a chance to compete with ANYTHING id/Carmack has in the works is a moron. This is a pointless comparison. I will be greatly disappointed if Bethesda doesn’t use the RAGE/Tech 5 engine in their upcoming ES and Fallout games, since they now own id and their tech.

  • Pixolator

    The screens look really nice, I’m buyong this game for sure knowing that it’s going to have RPG elements, would like to play it on day 1.


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