Super Smash Bros. 4 to Feature Largest Roster Yet, Releasing in 2014 End

A reveal trailer is expected at next Nintendo Direct.

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As reported insider named bh7812 on NeoGAF has been disclosing information on various titles that Nintendo will be announcing in the near future. One of those is Super Smash Bros. 4, which will be shown at the next Nintendo Direct.

“There will be an unveil trailer…Roster will be announced. All the others are black shadowy silhouettes. You should get a good idea who some of them are, others will be “Who the hell’s that supposed to be!?”

“The full roster will be gradually unveiled from now till release. Release is aiming for Thanksgiving 2014. It might slip to closer to Christmas though. The aim is to launch both the 3DS and U games on the same day, so they’ll do what it takes to get that to happen.

This is the big 2014 game for Nintendo. 3DS version is further along than the U one. That one will also be shown on th Direct. Some parts of U version done, others still cooking. Coding, etc set to start in earnest this fall.”

Interestingly, the game will apparently feature the largest roster yet. “There’s a LOT if characters this time. Samurai had said he didn’t want as many but they decided to go all out this time for the fans. They’re wanting to do a Dojo type thing again since the last time was received very well.”

Things are still relatively fluid concerning other games that the user discussed – Zelda Wii U for example, but there’s reason enough to believe that the information for the next Smash Bros. is fairly accurate. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • Someone

    more characters =/= better game.

    i mean yeah we all like to hear that we might be getting new characters. But ya gotta remember, more characters= harder to balance, having a vast amount of characters is pointless if half the cast is worthless.

    While i know we have namco on board this time, which is far more reassuring than sakurai trying to do it himself alone again, the fact still remains that if you constantly keep adding more characters the game will get more and more difficult to balance, even a fighting game vet like namco will have difficulty balancing things out if they have too many characters.

    Personally i’d rather they go with quality over quantity. i’d say 40 characters should be the limit, then they can focus on balancing those 40.

  • Guy_McDude

    A: It’s not going to come out next Thanksgiving. Melee was like 14 months of development and Brawl 18. Why would this one be 27!? Are you kidding? Someone clearly is just making things up. Nintendo needs this game out THIS YEAR to bring life to Wiiu. They know that. We know that.

    B: Saying “Samurai said blah blah…” the guy is Sakurai. This person is clearly trolling on a neogaf. It’s like using 4chan as a source.

    • Im not saying you’re wrong but

      development didn’t start until the end of march if not early april because Sakurai was making Kid Icarus Uprising, if it were to come out in november 2014, it would have only 20 months of development, not 27

    • Guy_McDude

      No, you’re right about one thing. It isn’t 27 months. But you seem to have missed an entire year. It started April 2012! Not 2013. That’s 8 months to the end of the year in 2012.

      Plus all 12 months in 2013. (We’re at 20 by the end of the year.)

      Plus 11 months to Thanksgiving/November. (31 months… nearly double Brawl and more than double Melee…)

      That’s not happening. Especially since the engine was complete last August. Look here:

      So this guy is claiming it’s going to take 31 months to finish this game. He’s wrong.

    • Kaihaku

      2014 is Nintendo’s 125th anniversary and I can’t think of a better title to celebrate it. So I’m betting on either a 2014 release date or that a ton of DLC will be released for it in 2014.

  • Name

    1. End 2014 release, believable.
    2. Reveal trailer, this won’t happen. Nintendo said they will only show screens. This rumor is fake.

    • Guy_McDude

      I’m willing to bet they try to get it out before Christmas but end up with late Q1 2014.

  • Name

    There will be no Zelda Wii U. Nintendo said they wanted to talk more about Wind Waker HD.

    • Guy_McDude

      They said they were working on two Zelda games for WiiU. One of them was the WW release which will come out sooner while they plug away at the main series original which obviously will take more time.

  • Kaihaku

    I’m probably in the minority on this but I’d prefer if Super Smash Brothers “U” wasn’t released until 2014 and was instead polished to perfection for Nintendo’s 125th anniversary. I’m willing to wait for a better game.

  • AuronZanark

    I demand that Fire Emblem have a female representative in the roster, or else I’ll pass up the game like I did its predecessor Brawl.


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