Syphon Filter’s Developer Discusses What A New Game Would Be Like

‘Speaking as a fan of the series…’

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One of Sony’s best, and most criminally ignored, IPs is the Syphon filter series, which started back on the original PlayStation and then got some very good games on the PSP as well. A lot of fans have spent a lot of time clamoring for a new entry in the series, but a new Syphon Filter game now seems very unlikely, especially since Sony Bend, the last studio that was handed the keys to the games, has since moved on to making new installments in other Sony franchises.

That said, a new game can never be completely ruled out.

In a recent Q&A session, Syphon Filter 3’s Lead Designer Jeff Ross offered his personal view on where a new game should go, if it is ever made.

“Speaking as a fan of the series, I think a lot of stories have already been told in the Syphon Universe, and any new title would have to be fresh one way or another, a new storyline, a gameplay genre expansion, or possibly a reboot.”

He was careful to note that his discussing a hypothetical was not be construed as confirmation of a new game in any way, however, so keep that in mind and don’t let your hype inflate too much.

I have to say, though, I do agree with him- Syphon Filter is amazing, but it is also very much a product of its time. It also has the unenviable task of trying to straddle nearly two decades’ worth of continuity, while also appealing to a fresh audience that may not even be aware of the series’ existence- a fresh reboot with new design sensibilities might just be what the doctor prescribed in this case.

Whatever it turns out to be, however, I sincerely hope a new Syphon Filter gets made again.

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  • theduckofdeath

    Omega Strain was one of my favorites. It was different, but had some great & numerous mission objectives and themes. NTM the vast array of weapon unlocks, perks and various enemies.

  • Sliquid

    if they made another syphon filter and made it halfway decent, i can almost guarantee one of the biggest games ever…this game has lots and lots of fans (myself included of course)

    • If this scumbag site bothered to credit their sources, maybe people would give a crap about what they have to say.


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