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New Hunters, Monsters, And Observer Mode Coming to Evolve on March 31

Loads of new stuff coming to the game at the end of the month.

Evolve Patch 1.3 Adjusts Wraith Speed and Abilities

Turtle Rock finally balances its most powerful Monster.

Evolve Adds New Hunters, Behemoth and More on March 31st

Tons of content coming to Turtle Rock's shooter by month end.

Evolve Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With Trapper Community Challenge

Challenge completion will award free Trapper Predator Skins for all.

Evolve Receiving Two Free Maps on March 31st for Xbox One

PS4 and PC receiving the same on April 30th.

Evolve’s Commercial Launch was “Incredibly Successful” – Take Two President

Karl Slatoff says the attach rate for the Season Pass has been very strong.

Evolve Patch Fixes Bugs, Adds FOV Slider on PC

Turtle Rock hands FOV options over to players to decide.

Observer Mode Coming Soon to Evolve

Evolve is evolving.

Evolve Update Patches Lost Progress and Game Data Bugs

Other improvements to matchmaking and rejoining also added.

2K Celebrates One Week of Evolve By Sharing Game Play Stats

That is one well balanced game.

Evolve Developer Teases Ranked Games, Spectator Mode, and More

The game may have released, but Turtle Rock isn't done with it just yet.

Evolve Review – Predator or Prey?

Lack of variety holds Evolve back from truly shining.

Evolve Head To Head Initial Analysis: PS4 Vs. Xbox One [60fps]

Our initial analysis suggests that both console versions are running at a solid 30 frames per second.

Evolve Launch Trailer Wishes You Happy Hunting

4 vs. 1 multiplayer title is now available.

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