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Games The Shop Offering Exclusive Pre Order Bonus for Evolve

Includes DLC and a T-shirt.

Evolve Interview: Level Design, Monsters, DLC, Consoles Parity And More

Chloe Skew from Turtle Rock Studios on what makes Evolve a unique experience.

Evolve Dev On Paid DLC: People Are Making A Big Deal of It, We Are Trying To Make Good Content

Producer Chloe Skew talks about characters being behind a "paywall".

Evolve Dev About PS4/Xbox One Parity, Console Wars Being ‘Tedious’

Producer Chloe Skew talks about keeping the core experience for each version.

Lady Hammerlock DLC Coming to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Tomorrow

New character, coming with three skill trees.

Borderlands Online Video Explains Gameplay, Technical Test Starts Today

Check out the gameplay and mechanics for a game you can't play.

Evolve to Hopefully Run at 1080p/60fps On PS4/Xbox One In Future, If Not At Launch

Producer Chloe Skew also talks about the launch and potential online issues that could arise.

Evolve Survival Guide Trailer Teaches Survival of the Fittest

Turtle Rock Studios reveals a few tricks for players to get by on.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Announced for Xbox One and PS4

Includes Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel in HD with all DLC.

Sid Meier’s Starships Announced, First Cinematic Trailer Revealed

Set in the Beyond Earth universe, you'll be tasked with creating and expanding a galactic federation.

Evolve Beta Available Now for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

Download the 20 GB open beta now.

Evolve’s Fourth Monster Behemoth Revealed, Deluxe Editions Detailed

PC gamers will have their very own super deluxe edition to covet.

Voice Actor Hinting At Mafia 3

Here we go again.

Evolve Goes Gold, Snazzy CG Intro Trailer Released

One month to go before hunting season.

Evolve Open Beta Coming in January

Only on Xbox One.

Evolve’s Third Monster Revealed: Meet the Wraith

Catch it if you can.

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