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Aliens: Colonial Marines Creator Claims He Has No Regrets About Game

He may not regret anything about it but people who bought it certainly do.

The Witcher 3: When Visual Compromise is a Good Thing

Graphics aren't everything on current gen, even if the hype says otherwise.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Delisted from Steam

Aliens vs. Predator also gone from Steam.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Getting Campaign DLC

Already available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Sega Plans to Publish Five PS Vita Games This Year

Sega may just provide that extra boost that the handheld needs.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit is “Beyond Meritless” According to Gearbox Software

States they, "will defend the rights of entertainers to share their works-in-progress".

TimeGate Studios Files for Bankruptcy, Slides Further into Oblivion

The Aliens: Colonial Marines dev owes money to a lot of people.

Aliens Colonial Marines: Sega and Gearbox Being Sued in Class Action Lawsuit

Sooner or later, justice comes calling.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Cancelled for Wii U

And no one cares.

New Aliens Colonial Marines Xbox 360 squashes a slew of bugs

PS3 and PC versions to follow.

TimeGate Studios Lays off 25 Employees in Name of “Reinvention”

Lets go of employees to prepare for next generation. Er, what?

Gearbox is “Looking Into” Why Aliens: Colonial Marines Differed from Demo

But said explanation may take a while.

Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U was the worst version, claims Q&A tester

This game has been a trainwreck.

UK Sales Charts: Aliens Colonial Marines Beats Dead Space 3 for Top Spot

Becomes the biggest UK launch of 2013 thus far.

Aliens Colonial Marines Video Walkthrough | Game Guide

Complete Aliens Colonial Marines with the help of this HD video walkthrough and game guide.

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