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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Video Reveals Always Online Experience

The Xbox 360 version is seemingly inaccessible unless you log into Xbox Live.

Fable Legends: Always Online Gameplay Still Unconfirmed

Although there will be benefits for the same.

Diablo 3 PC Version Won’t Receive Offline Play

Blizzard wants to encourage a more "social environment" for players.

Microsoft: Xbox One DRM Policies Unlikely to Reappear

Albert Penello doesn't see such policies becoming "retroactive" any time soon either.

The Sims 4 Confirmed as Offline, May Not Come to Consoles

For now, the developer is focusing on PC and Mac releases.

EA Labels President: SimCity Inspired Developer to Make The Sims 4 Offline

You asked and EA listened, says Labels President Frank Gibeau.

Michel Ancel: Xbox One “Went a Bit Too Fast” With Always Online

Rayman creator however commends them for realizing the future is always-online.

PlayStation 4 Won’t Require Online Connection – No Used Game Restrictions or “Periodic Check-ins”

Jack Tretton says the company "believes in the model people embrace today".

Xbox One Will Not Block Used Games nor Require Always On Connection

MIcrosoft currently working through how the trading and reselling of used games will work.

Former EA CEO: Xbox 720 and PS4 Should Tread Lightly Around “Third Rail Topics”

John Riccitiello thinks console ecosystem should be more open.

Sony “Did Not Consider” Always Online PlayStation 4

Shuhei Yoshida states the lack of robust Internet around the world as a primary reason.

Will Wright on SimCity Online Launch: “I Feel Bad for the Team”

But thinks that gamers are justified in their outrage against the always online DRM.

Rumour: Xbox 720 Game Development Six Months Behind, Respawn’s Next Always Online

The shooter "Titan" will apparently only focus on multiplayer.

Audiences of Today Ready for Always Online Consoles – Ubisoft Montreal CEO

"People already always online through other devices", says Yannis Mallat.

Xbox 720 Always Online: Cliffy B Says “Such a Future is Probably Coming, And Coming Fast”

Whereas fringe scenarios of no-internet access will quickly reduce.

Xbox 720 and Adam Orth: How to Stop Loving and Start Worrying About the Next Generation

Beligerent comments only mask the inevitable - a repeat of the PC DRM fiascoes.

Xbox 720 Rumoured To Be Revealed on May 21st – To Retail for $300 to $500

Tech blogger Paul Thurrott gives his take on Microsoft's next generation console.

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