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PS4/Xbox One Power Differences Irrelevant, Sony and Microsoft Risk Obsolescence with Cloud – Pachter

Wedbush Securities' analyst believes it's in both companies' "best interest to keep consoles alive."

Halo 5 To Have Exciting New Features, Cloud Features Once Again Mentioned

343 Industries is seeking a software development engineer for backend services.

Halo 5 On Xbox One To Have Cloud Functionality, Job Description Suggests

343 Industries and Microsoft looking to link upcoming products to the next Halo through Azure?

Titanfall Cloud Functionality Explained, Respawn Debunks Claims of Non-Existence

Engineer Jon Shiring says the Cloud functionality allows for AI, ships flying around and much more.

D4 Interview: Premise, Kinect Functionality, Potential of Xbox One’s Cloud, Exclusivity and More

We enter the strange world of D4 with director Hidetaka Suehiro.

SWERY Praises Xbox One Cloud: “I Just Don’t Have Enough Time or Hands to do it All!”

D4's director also talks about what excites him most about the console.

Yoshida “Doesn’t Totally Understand” How Xbox One Uses Cloud Computing

Sony Worldwide Studios president for SCE Shuhei Yoshida finds Microsoft's message "confusing".

Forza Motorsport 5’s Drivatar Won’t Emulate Cheaters, Divided into Seven Difficulty Levels

How will the Drivatar race and avoid moves used by cheaters? Dan Greenwalt.

PS4 & Xbox One Cloud Gaming Interview: Implementation Challenges, Development Issues And More

Christine Arrington, senior analyst in the games group at IHS talks about cloud gaming and its implementation.

Crazy Countdown to Xbox One and PS4: The Controversies, Excitement and Drama

The jouney towards the release the PS4 and Xbox One has been an eventful one. Join us as we recount the major ...

PS4 and Xbox One Digital Games Purchases to be 34 Percent of Total Spending by 2017 – Analyst

In comparison it was only a mere 8% across the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008.

Penello: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Using Cloud Streaming is “Problematic”

Lead for planning on Xbox and Kinect also explains Halo 4 on PC leaked test streams.

Cloud is Interesting Way To Keep Xbox One On Par With PC, Specs Don’t Matter For Streaming: Analyst

Christine Arrington, an IHS senior analyst in the games group, talks about Cloud computing on consoles.

Titanfall Uses Shared Cloud for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC

All versions of Titanfall will take advantage of Azure.

Xbox One’s Azure Cloud Computing Solution Ranked #1, Beats Out Amazon S3

Despite being relatively new, Microsoft's Cloud computing solution has a strong edge.

Xbox One’s Cloud Computing Ensures “Better Graphics, Better Lighting, Better Physics”

Phil Harrison extols the virtues of Cloud computing.

Xbox One Could Offer Game Streaming Via Cloud Computing

Sony and Gaikai aren't the only ones looking to stream games on consoles.

Announcements Microsoft Could Make at Gamescom 2013

Check out our top picks for what to expect from Microsoft at Gamescom.

Umbra Dev: Cloud Computing on Xbox One and PS4 “Makes Very Dynamic and Massive Worlds a Reality”

Even wonder what Cloud computing meant for environment design?

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