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This Origin Year End Sale Is Nuts

Battlefield 3 for $1, Titanfall for $10, SimCity for $10, and more.

Ex DICE Designer: Don’t Buy Battlefield 4 At Launch, Wait For Reviews

'Don't throw money at promises that haven't been proven.'

EA Admits To Incorrectly Banning Battlefield 3 Players

Will EA's Battlefield related embarrassments never end?

Battlefield 3 Available for Free on Origin

Pick up the game now and keep it forever.

15 Features We Want To See In Battlefield 5

Here's what Battlefield's salvation should be like.

Battlefield 4: New Battlelog Update Released Across All Platforms

Battlefield 3 + 4 Battlelog targeted.

DICE: Battlefield 4 Won’t Have Pre-Match Squad Join Feature

A new method has been implemented which, predictably, has come under fire by fans.

EA CFO Talks About Yearly Product Cycles, Says Annualization Could Damage Franchises

Blake Jorgensen talks about challenges and detriments of yearly sequels.

DICE Pushing Xbox 360/PS3 Versions of Battlefield 4 to Look Better Than Battlefield 3

Executive producer Patrick Bach says that hardware is being pushed "as hard as we can".

Battlefield 4 Bootcamp Video Shows Off Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes and how to use them in Battlefield 3: End Game.

DICE Will Not Rehash Battlefield 3 for PS4 and Xbox One

"Nothing better in Battlefield 3" to go back to after Battlefield 4.

New Battlefield Bootcamp Video Gives A Refresher Course on Destroying M-Com Stations

A refresher course for Battlefield players new and old.

Analysts Predict Battlefield 4 Will Sell 14 Million Copies

Analyst predicts record breaking success for the newest DICE shooter.

Electronic Art says Battlefield is unique compared to other first person shooters

Battlefield is unlike any other shooter according to Electronic Arts

PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Update for July

Battlefield 3 will be free tomorrow + more games throughout July

Reliance’s Borderwar Defence Patrol Cover Art Rips Off Battlefield 3

Reliance immediately pulls the same not too long after.

Battlefield 4: Five Key Areas to Improve On

A few things DICE could look into for the high-octane military shooter.

Battlefield 3 Premium – Hits New Milestone

Battlefield 3 Premium Service hits a huge milestone and revenue

Battlefield 4 Mission Package Does the Rounds Before March 26th Reveal

EA is at it again, this time sending out a 20 pound package ahead of BF4's reveal.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Assassin’s Creed 3 And Battlelog To Be Featured At GDC 2013

This is going to be 'knowledgeable' conference.

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