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Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Out in Q4 2014

EA's FY Q1 2015 earnings call has revealed the release period of the final DLC.

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Teaser Contains Lots of Shaky Cam, Train Derailings

But seriously, keep the barf bag handy.

Battlefield 4 Game Update Introduces Fixes, New Competitive Obliteration Mode

PC users running Mantle on multiple GPUs can also look forward to a new fix.

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth DLC Out on July 15 for Premium Users

Releasing on July 29th for regular consumers.

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Release Date Revealed, Then Pulled

Origin goofs up and reveals that DLC will be out for Premium subscribers on July 15th.

Battlefield 4 Netcode Improvements, Rush Mode Changes Incoming

DICE is looking to improve the key Battlefield experience further for fans.

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Official Information Revealed

New weapons, new maps, a new game mode and much more.

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth DLC Listed for July Release

New DLC may be coming as early as next month.

EA: Battlefield 4 Launch Was Unacceptable

But they went ahead and released the game anyway.

Battlefield: Hardline – The Battle for Tone and Execution

Sometimes all a compelling FPS needs is to immerse the player.

Battlefield 4 Patch To Include “High Frequency Network Update” And CTE Fixes

An update released across all platforms.

DICE Still Committed to Battlefield 4 Despite Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield 4 will still receive support even as Hardline occupies the spotlight.

Battlefield 4 Battlepacks Can Now Be Purchased With Real Money

Just like you always wanted.

Battlefield 4 Free Trial Available on PlayStation Plus for PS3

PS3 users will be able to experience the base game for 20 hours.

15 Features We Want To See In Battlefield 5

Here's what Battlefield's salvation should be like.

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Gets First Screenshot: North Korea Location Spotted?

Riot Shields are front and center in this new screenshot

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