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Destiny Beta Had 4.6 Million Players, Largest Console Beta for New IP Ever – Activision

Bungie blown away by the response thus far.

Destiny Beta Was “Tremendous Success” For Bungie

Developer "gobsmacked by the numbers" of participating players.

Destiny to Feature 32 Story Missions, 23 Strikes, 148 Activities

However, each planet will only one Explore mission apiece.

Destiny Beta Open For All Players

At least those with Xbox Live Gold and PS+.

Destiny Xbox One Beta Facing Party Stabilization Errors

Bungie's beta went live sooner than expected and is already facing issues.

Destiny Beta Back Online Early, “Surprises in Store” on July 26th

Xbox One and Xbox 360 players join the beta.

Destiny Beta Offline For Maintenance, Returns on July 23rd

Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will join the mix this Wednesday.

Destiny Beta Now Live for PS3 and PS4, Already Experiencing High Volume

Any current connection issues will be ironed out over the next few days though.

Destiny Won’t Run at 1080p During Xbox One Beta – Report

But it will apparently run at full HD when the game launches.

Destiny Companion App Available Today for iOS and Android

The app allows for viewing lore, communication with other players and much more.

Destiny Beta Requires Xbox Live Gold, Trial Accounts Also Work

PS Plus subscribers required for "some activities".

Pillars of Eternity Beta Arrives Next Month for Backers

August 18th will be the day that backers get their first taste of Eternity.

Battlefield: Hardline Beta Numbers Reveal $9 Trillion Stolen, +12 Million Vehicles Destroyed

Beta players caused tons of widespread damage in their short run.

Destiny Beta Dates Announced: PS4 and PS3 Receive First Access on July 17th

Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will get their chance on July 23rd.

Battlefield Hardline: Suppression and Movement Top Community’s Most Wanted Changes

Other changes, including reduced camera shake in some instances, have also been implemented.

Bungie’s Destiny Will Feature Updated Dialogue for Peter Dinklage’s Ghost

That wizard came from the more?

Destiny Xbox One and Xbox 360 Closed Beta Arriving in Late July?

Could arrive a few weeks after the PS3 and PS4 beta release.

Destiny PS4 Beta Not Heading to PS Plus in July

Sorry subscribers.

Battlefield Hardline Beta Unlocks All Weapons and Gadgets

Now you can try out all the different items without playing for hours at a time.

Battlecry Could Release for Consoles After PC Launch

Executive producer Rich Vogel says to not "be surprised to see it there".

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