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Warface Xbox 360 Beta Ends, Full Game Out on April 22nd

Daily content planned for multiplayer and co-op on release.

Destiny: No NPC Companions, Crafting Detailed, New Gameplay Footage Soon

The upcoming beta will also be Bungie's biggest yet.

War Thunder: Ground Forces Beta Being Showcased at Rezzed in UK

Head on over to Rezzed this weekend for a sneak peek of the beta.

Warface Beta Now Available for Xbox 360 Gold Subscribers

Crytek's free to play shooter premieres for consoles.

Project Spark Beta Finally Reaches Xbox One

Xbox One users can finally get in on the creation kits of Spark.

Titanfall Beta Had 2 Million Unique Users, Respawn Actively Working Bugs Out

Community manager Abbie Heppe believes the beta gave consumers confidence.

Rumour: Titanfall Contains Prestige-Like “Generations” Feature, Allows for 10 Ranks

Start your game over and level up as many as 10 times in Titanfall.

Titanfall PC Beta Impressions: Stand By For The Multiplayer Experience of 2014

Respawn Entertainment's first game isn't what we were told. It's actually better.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Pre-Order Promises DOOM Beta Access, Releasing in May

Has Doom 4 finally escaped development hell?

Titanfall to Feature 14 Maps, Split-screen Mode?

Some players poking around the beta code have uncovered new details.

Titanfall: The Trials and Tribulations of Long-Term Multiplayer Enjoyment

Respawn Entertainment's online shooter has plenty of room to grow but will players let it?

Titanfall Beta Resolution is 729p, Will Increase in Final Build

Could be in the range of 900p, according to community manager Abbie Hepe.

Titanfall Beta Gameplay Footage Shows Off Hardpoint Domination on Fracture

Stand by for Titanfall beta footage.

TitanFall Beta Begins on February 14th, New Trailer Released

Three game modes available for play.

Project Spark Xbox One Beta Releasing Next Week?

That's what Phil Spencer last heard at least.

PlayStation Now Beta Footage Showcases Killzone 3 in Action

Sony's cloud streaming service gets rolling.

TitanFall Beta Gameplay Uploads Won’t be Restricted, No More than Three Titans

Vince Zampella also slightly fearful about the game's launch.

PlayStation Now Beta Invites Being Sent Out, More Info in “Coming Days”

Sony is gearing up for its game streaming service.

TitanFall Beta Confirmed for Xbox One and PC

Xbox 360 beta unconfirmed.

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