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Fallout 4: Should It Ramp Up The Difficulty Like Bloodborne?

A bit more difficulty wouldn't go amiss now would it?

Here Are Some New Details For Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Just don't read this while eating lunch.

Fallout 4: Why A Multiplayer Component Could Ruin The Upcoming RPG

Bethesda's new hire from team Destiny might indicate a multiplayer component for the next Fallout. But is it a...

Fallout 4: Three Dog’s Voice Actor More Or Less Confirms The Games Existence

Tune in that old radio to Galaxy News Radio.

Fallout 4: Does The Website Banner Change Really Mean Anything?

The lack of a subtitle or numbering is very interesting.

The Elder Scrolls Online is Now Officially Free to Play

The 'Tamriel Unlimited' update goes live.

Fallout 4: Should It Borrow Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System?

Fallout: Shadow of The Enclave. I would play that forever.

Fallout 4: Industry Insider More Or Less Confirms Its Presence At E3 2015

Could Fallout 4 be Bethesda's big announcement at E3?

Fallout 4: Does It Have The Potential To Beat GTA5’s Sales?

Would the sales be as high as Rockstar's magnum opus?

The First DLC Pack For The Evil Within Launches in March

Bethesda came through!

Bethesda Promise That They Will Be Talking About The Evil Within DLC Soon

Maybe this is what their E3 conference will be about!

Fallout 4: This Ambitious, Cool Looking Mod Will Make Your Wait Easier

I love modders with all my heart, don't you?

Fallout 4: Don’t Expect It To Be Announced At PAX South Today

Don't get your hopes up high.

The Elder Scrolls Online PS4/Xbox One Release Date Announced

Goes subscription free post-purchase.

The Elder Scrolls Online: PC Accounts Can Be Transferred To PS4/Xbox One Versions

This might mean the game is finally near being finished on PS4 and Xbox One.

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