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Blizzard Announces Mercenary Mode for World of Warcraft

Lets you switch factions in PvP.

Blizzard’s Overwatch Will Have an FOV Slider

Praise the heavens!

Hearthstone New Expansion To Be Detailed On July 22

Blizzard and their secret messages.

Overwatch’s Bastion May Be Its Best Character Yet

Bastion of combat.

New Overwatch Video Takes A Look At Widowmaker

In before games where both teams are just snipers.

New Overwatch Video Gives Us A Preview of Winston in Action

Monkey see, monkey do.

Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Storm Announced

Yes, Blizzard is bringing an expansion to its MOBA.

Heroes of the Storm Mega Guide: Farming Gold, Talent Builds, Classes, Quests And More

A complete guide for Heroes of the Storm.

No, Heroes of the Storm Is Still Not Coming To The Xbox One

Jokes aside, Blizzard isn't working on a console port.

New Video for Overwatch Shows Us Reaper Gameplay

Not the same Reapers as in Mass Effect.

Hearthstone Now Has 30 Million Players

Heroes of Warcraft clear the way to immense success.

Heroes of the Storm Retail Pack Will Start You Off With Five Heroes and a Tiger

But is it a Bengal Tiger or a Siberian Tiger? That is the question.

Hearthstone Is Now Available on iPhone and Android

There is no escape from this addiction.

Blizzard Teases A New Character For Overwatch

"Together We Are Strong."

Blizzard Exploring Microtransactions for Diablo III

But not for Europe or North America.

Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta Testing Rolls Out

Some new content to go with the new Beta.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s Brand New IP

It's Team Fortress 2, done in a uniquely Blizzard style.

Blizzard: World of Warcraft Will Still Be Around In 2024

'I have no doubt about that.'

New World of Warcraft Player? You Can Now Get All The Expansions For Just $20

$20 gets you the game and ALL the expansions.

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