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Destiny House Of Wolves DLC Will Be ‘Intense’, Dark Days Ahead For Guardians

Dark days are ahead, bring a light along.

Destiny’s Xur Returns With SUROS Regime, The Armamentarium

The Exotic auto rifle is finally available again for purchase.

Destiny’s Nightfall is Cerberus Vae III, No Burns

Yes, that's right. No burns.

Destiny: Upcoming Heroic And Nightfall Strikes Leaked

The two strikes will take place in Meridian Bay, Mars.

Destiny Dev: Idlers Are Responsible For Damaging Player Experience

Bungie will start penalizing idlers.

Destiny’s Xur Carries Dragon’s Breath, Exotic Chest Engram for April 3rd

Hope you're ready for a fresh dose of disappointment.

Destiny House of Wolves Receiving Release Date Later in April

Bungie also reveals more patch 1.1.2 details.

Destiny House of Wolves Vendor/Crucible Gear Revealed in Leaked Video

Those "outdated placeholders" may not be so outdated.

Destiny’s Inferno Clash Added to Crucible Playlists

After last month's Inferno Control, it's now time for some hardcore team deathmatch.

Destiny Nightfall and Heroic Strike Revealed: Punch Sekrion

But don't actually, because Void Burn is active.

Destiny Queen’s Wrath Event, Iron Banner Salvage Due Before House of Wolves?

Recent DestinyDB entries could point to new upcoming bounties from the Reef.

Destiny Designer Leaving to Join Bethesda Softworks

Josh Hamrick leaves Bungie after six years to join Fallout developer.

Destiny: Next Week’s Crucible Events, Nightfall And Heroic Strike Revealed

Seems like a busy week for Destiny players.

Destiny On PS4: No Suspend & Resume Functionality Until 1.1.2 Update

At the moment, Destiny players are feeling a little bit left out.

Destiny’s Xur Selling MIDA Multi-Tool for March 27th

Obsidian Mind and Achlyophage Symbiote also on offer.

Destiny’s Vault Space Increase Detailed, Update Due in April

Players will now be able to store up to 36 weapons, over the original 20.

Destiny Matchmaking: “There’s No Substitute For A Pre-Made Team”

Would you rather have last gen lobbies or current gen invite spamming?

Destiny’s Nightfall and Heroic Strike This Week is Summoning Pits

Revisit your old friend Phogoth with some Arc Burn.

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