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Destiny’s PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content Detailed

Crypt Hammer? That's all sorts of awesome.

Destiny Goes Gold, Launch Version Currently Being Tested by Bungie

Bungie's multiplayer first person shooter is now being sent out for manufacturing and distribution.

Destiny Won’t Have Item Trading Between Players

"Weapons belong to the players who acquire them through action and bravery," says Bungie.

Destiny Servers Go Live on September 9th (Somewhere in the World)

So not necessarily on September 9th in the US or UK.

PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle available for just £329.99 at

Okay, that's a hell of a deal.

Bungie Responds to Criticisms of Destiny Being Too Small

Honestly though? They are amazed you would even think that.

Bungie Speaks Out on Destiny’s Lack of Matchmaking

'It's about commitment.'

Destiny Launch Trailer Invites You to Become Legend

Because it really matters what you'll become.

Destiny Dev Says, “We Want To Be Avatar”

Go forth little game, it's your Destiny!

Bungie’s Destiny May Receive Private and Custom Matches After Launch

Bungie talks about players informing "our prioritization of what features we update".

Destiny Gameplay Trailer Travels to Venus

You know, where the women come from.

Destiny Gameplay Trailer Showcases the Red Planet

Mars has never looked more awesome.

Bungie Thinks “Players Didn’t Understand Destiny”

Destiny. Because calling it MMOFPSRPG is just a bit too much.

First Expansion for Destiny Announced

Also, a new trailer.

Destiny Beta Characters Won’t Transfer to Main Game Due to Tweaks and Changes Made

Bungie's Tyson Green says the total amount of changes would leave beta characters in a bad way.

Destiny and Call of Duty: “Room for More Than One Blockbuster” Says Activision

CEO Eric Hirshberg believes the industry can support two big releases in the same period.

Destiny Final Release Won’t See “Major Changes” in Gameplay, “Fundamentals Are Very Strong”

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said there would be a few tweaks though.

Destiny Interview: ‘We Wanted To Make Something That Was Actually A Game Set For All Moods’

Bungie's senior environment artist Jason Sussman on Destiny's design inspirations, PS4/Xbox One development, p...

Destiny Ghost Edition Sells For More Than $1000 On eBay

You will spend a lot of money on this game, it's your Destiny.

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