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Destiny Expansion Pack Content “Will be Finished Soon”, Leaked Activities Might Change

Bungie responds to the recent leak of activities and missions for Destiny.

The Seraphim Vault May Be Accessible in The Final Version of Destiny

Okay, so just make it accessible already. This game needs some good new content, pronto.

The Destiny Soundtrack Has Been Released Today

Enter the piano riff.

UK Game Charts: FIFA 15 Takes Top Spot From Destiny

A whopping 80 percent of game sales were from EA Sports' football simulator.

Destiny’s Loot Cave Closed, Weapon and Strike Balances Planned

Also expect some optional voice chat for Strikes and Crucible before the year is up.

Watch Dogs Beats Destiny as Fastest Selling New IP in Europe

Ubisoft clarifies that Destiny holds the record in the UK and North America, not for all of Europe.

This Is Destiny’s First Level 30 Player

Man... that's some impressive dedication there.

Destiny Patch Fixes Vault of Glass Bugs, Lower Difficulty for Missions

That black screen after a raid has apparently been done away with.

Destiny Live Event “The Queen’s Wrath” Now Live

Bounty missions for legendary loot await.

There Is A Destiny Bug That Makes It Impossible To Level Up

But thankfully, it can be avoided.

Destiny Average Play Sessions at Three Hours, 137 Million Hours of Activities Logged

Destiny's engagement levels "on par" with Call of Duty.

Destiny: New Playlist Focuses on Vehicular Combat in Crucible

Heavy ammo is the order of the day in Destiny's newest live event playlist.

Destiny: Campaign And Vault of Glass Raid – Video Walkthrough in HD | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for Destiny.

Destiny PS4 Sales Rise by 300 Percent in UK

Marks the biggest week for the console in the UK.

Destiny Is Officially The Most Watched Game on Twitch In 2014

Space man goes 'pew pew pew', apparently you like watching that a lot.

Activision Says Destiny Has Grossed More Than $325 million in Five Days

Now put all that money into actually making a good game!

Destiny’s Vault of Glass Raid Completed in 10 Hours 40 Minutes

Primeguard manages to conquer Destiny's first raid.

Destiny Patch Makes Public Events Happen Twice as Often

Network and stability improvements also added.

Update 1.03 Released for Destiny

Does it make the game fun yet?

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