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Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC Will “Lessen the Grind” for Gear

Lead designer Luke Smith promises to not "invalidate player effort".

Destiny’s Xur Returns With the Worst Exotic Weapon

No Land Beyond available once again.

Destiny’s Guardians Bought More Than 1.1 Million Ice Breakers Last Week

Bungie also announces the launch of Doubles Skirmish.

Destiny Hotfix Goes Live Before Crota’s End Hard Mode

Bungie plugs a few more exploits before Hard Mode goes live.

Latest Destiny Xur Inventory: Exotic Sniper Rifle Ice Breaker Is Finally Available

The Agent of the Nine has more than redeemed himself.

Destiny Crota’s End Hard Mode Launching on January 21st

Players will have to contend with level 33 enemies but raid primary weapons will be the loot.

Destiny: Nightfall Tips And Tricks For This Week

Here's some info that might just save your life.

Bungie Community Manager on Destiny DLC Leak: Don’t Believe It

Eric Osborne shares a rather cryptic tweet on the recently leaked DLC.

Destiny’s Iron Banner Live Event Returns, Timur’s Lash Available to Purchase

The Legendary Hand Cannon can be purchased by ranking up in the PvP focused event.

Destiny Hot Fix Now Live, Crota’s End Exploits Patched

No more cheesing, folks.

Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC Missions, Vendor Gear and Raid Revealed by Data-mining

An erstwhile user collects all known information about the upcoming Destiny DLC.

Destiny’s Most Popular Weapons Are Vision of Confluence And Khvostov 7G-02

So many space guns, you wouldn't even know where to start.

Iron Banner Is Returning To Destiny, Begins From January 13th

Iron banner matches will bring the pain to noobs.

Latest Destiny’s Xur Inventory Revealed: The Exotic Last Word Returns

Xur finally brings back the Exotic hand cannon.

Destiny’s Next Patch Will Fix Crota’s End Raid Exploits

Set to go live on January 13th with the weekly refresh.

Bungie Gifts Legendary Vanguard Weapons to Destiny Players

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (we guess).

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