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Developing On Xbox One Will Not Hold Back Ambitious Visuals Possible On PS4/PC: Warhorse Studios

"We want Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be visually attractive no matter the platform you use to play."

Warhorse Discusses Development Roadbumps with Kingdom Come: Deliverance

With great power come great responsibilities.

Crytek’s Free to Play Shooter Warface Now Available for Xbox 360

Still requires Xbox Live Gold account to play.

Ryse: Son of Rome Visual Analysis

Ryse proves that that resolution and frame rate aren't everything in a next-gen game.

Crytek Were More Than Ready For What Xbox One Had To Offer, Ryse’s SmartGlass Support A Huge Step Up

Producer Michael Read says there is no silver bullet when it comes to game development.

Warface Closed Beta Announced for North America, Europe and Turkey

Sign up now and enter the warzone today.

Ryse: Son of Rome Showcased at Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

Command troops and battle through Rome in Crytek's Xbox One exclusive.

CryEngine 3 Support Announced For Xbox One

Crytek announces support for Xbox One.

Monster Hunter MMO – Powered by CryEngine 3 Coming to China

Screenshots and Trailer Inside - China only

State of Decay Releasing in June for Xbox Live Arcade

The open world zombie survival horror title is set to invade XBLA.

CryEngine 3 Licensee showcase trailer

Some obscure games there.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Review

Get ready to snipe and sneak around in Sniper Ghost Warrior 2.

Crytek CEO on Next Gen Consoles: “Going Beyond Our Estimates Would Be a Potential Death Knell”

Cevat Yerli explains just why the upcoming next-gen consoles don't fit into his opinion of "next-gen".

Warface, CryEngine 3 and GFace to be Showcased at GDC 2013

Get a look at what Crytek has planned in San Francisco.

This Is How Dead Space, Skyrim, MGS And More Would Look If Running On Another Engine

Ever wondered what some games would look like if they were made on different engines?

G-Star Gaming Expo in Korea gets dominated by CryEngine 3

CryEngine 3 gaining popularity?

CryEngine 3 SDK Improvements Detailed

Dedicated server support.

Abduction: A CryEngine 3 Game That Looks Absolutely Phenomenal

Heavily inspired by Thief.

New CryEngine 3 trailer shows an immaculately detailed frog… and more

Crytek has released a new trailer for Cryengine 3 which looks fantastic. It shows a detailed toad and some lev... Read More

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