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Crytek Lead Graphics Engineer Leaves to Work on Doom, id Tech 6

Tiago Sousa has confirmed his departure from the studio.

Homefront: The Revolution “Pushing CryEngine To Its Limits” – Crytek

Will feature "one of the biggest worlds" Crytek has ever built.

Crytek Late With Salaries, Ryse 2 Cancelled Amidst Financial Concerns – Report

Crytek is in a bad way these days, despite denials.

Crytek Denies Reports of Bankruptcy, “Continue to Focus on Development and Publishing”

Crytek reports "positive feedback during and after E3".

Homefront: The Revolution Gameplay Walkthrough Released

Four player co-op also confirmed though more multiplayer details are forthcoming.

HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age Revealed by Crytek

Fight in the 1800s against various mythical beasts and monsters.

Twitch E3 Broadcast Schedule Lists Unannounced Titles from Microsoft, Square Enix, Ubisoft

Four unannounced games from Nintendo? Believe it.

Homefront: The Revolution Announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Deep Silver teams with Crytek for a free roaming FPS.

Ryse: Son of Rome Morituri Pack DLC Available Now

New Arenas and Easter Eggs await.

E3 2014 Microsoft Preview: Expected Xbox One Announcements, Games, Services And More

What does Microsoft have up its sleeve this year?

Arena of Fate Officially Announced: 5 vs. 5 Online Combat for Consoles and PC

Play as Robin Hood and team up with Frankenstein and Joan of Arc in Crytek's latest.

Crytek’s Arena of Fate Teaser Trailer Leaked, Touts “Summer 2014″ Date

Crytek's next big PC title is apparently a MOBA-style game.

The Big Interview: Crytek Talks About CryEngine, DX12, Cloud And Optimizing Games For New Consoles

GamingBolt speaks to Crytek's US Engine Business Development Manager Sean Tracy to know all about CryEngine an...

Crytek: 8GB RAM Can Be Easily Filled Up, Will Surely Be Limiting Factor on PS4/Xbox One

However, Sean Tracy says that it's not all about the raw power of the consoles.

Crytek Revealing Two New Games at E3 2014?

Project Grave and Arena of Fate are apparently on the developer's agenda.

CryEngine On PS4 Yields Same Results As Xbox One, Crytek Explains Why 30fps Is Here To Stay

Sean Tracy of Crytek talks in detail about exploiting the power of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Crytek Shares Secrets of Using Xbox One eSRAM’s Full Potential, Resulted In ‘Big’ Bandwidth Saves

Crytek's Sean Tracy talks about how the Ryse dev team took advantage of the Xbox One.

Crytek Not Expecting Xbox One eSRAM Bottleneck To Be Patched But Expects Unique Tech For It

Crytek's Sean Tracy also talks about the benefits of CryEngine when used with PS4’s unified and Xbox One’s...

Crytek on Warface for Xbox One: “Might Start Looking at Other Things”

Currently no plans for other platforms though.

Crytek’s Free to Play Shooter Warface Now Available for Xbox 360

Still requires Xbox Live Gold account to play.

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