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Rumour: Dante’s Inferno Sequel

 How the hell do you write a sequel to one of the cornerstones of western literature? Well, the rumour mill... Read More

Black Ops is the most pirated game of 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops is already at eighteen million units sold worldwide ever since its release just two ... Read More

God of War 3 Director in Love with Dante’s Inferno

You would be and maybe should be surprised to learn that the God of War 3 director, Stig Asmussen, loves D... Read More

Dante’s Inferno Review

Developed by Visceral Games, the highly acclaimed team behind “Dead Space”, Dante’s Inferno is a video g... Read More

Top secret mission for those Dante’s Inferno fans.

Perhaps you are one of those who are hyped for the new IP Hack and Slash game Dante's Inferno, perhaps you lik... Read More

No Loading screens for Dante’s Inferno

ThatVideoGameBlog recently interviewed Dante’s Inferno executive producer and creative director Jonathan Kni... Read More

God of War 3 versus Dantes Inferno HD screenshot comparison

2010 is easily shaping up to be one of the biggest and the best years in the video game industry. The quantity... Read More

No God of War Will Keep Dante’s Inferno From Greatness

God of War III has some stiff competition as Dante’s Inferno is about as epic as they come. When talking ... Read More

Dante’s Inferno Demo Coming This Month, PS3 Gets it First

Electronic Arts will be releasing a demo for Dante's Inferno, available for download this month and the Playst... Read More

Dante’s Inferno Heresy Video and Demo Dated

Dante's Inferno Dev Diary #5 takes a look at the sixth circle of hell; Heresy.  Heresy is just one of the nin... Read More

Dante’s Inferno Previewed

Dante's Inferno is a welcome entry to the genre of hack and slash, if you like games like god of war, make sur... Read More

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