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DARK “Cult of the Dead” DLC Now Available for PC and Xbox 360

Eric Bane re-emerges from the shadows to take on new foes.

Cult of The Dead DLC Announced For DARK

Eric Bane returns for a brand new mission

Dark Review

I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of a missed opportunity.

DARK HD Video Walkthrough | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for DARK.

DARK Launch Trailer Revealed: Take a Walk on the Dark Side

(Cue sunglasses and random scream)

DARK: New Screenshots and PC System Requirements Leap from the Shadows

Check out whether your machine will be able to handle the game.

DARK: New Blood-tastic Screenshots Show off Cel-Shaded Graphics

Eric Bane made some one miss!

DARK Trailer Reveals Vampire Skills – Awesome Teleporting Included

Things in the light aren't as brutally murdered as things in the dark.

DARK Interview: Gameplay Details, Reminiscing About Bloodlines and Why Twilight is Officially Old-Hat

Blade and 30 Days of Night were a huge influence on DARK.

DARK: New Trailer Reveals Vampire Powers, No Sparkles Thankfully

Just good old fashioned ultra-violence.

DARK: New Trailer Introduces the World of Vampires and Eric Bane

Kalypso Media brings us back to the underworld.

Dark: New Screenshots from Kalypso’s Stealth Action RPG

They make for quite the cel-shaded stealth RPG appetizer.

Kalypso Media Details Line-up and Playable Titles at Gamescom 2012

Kalypso Media made aware it's plans for Gamescom 2012 and they will be presenting both important titles for ... Read More

DARK: Brand New Screenshots Released

Check out these new screenshots from DARK. For more on DARK please click here [gallery link="file"]Read More

Kalypso Announces New Third-Person Multi-platform Game: ‘Dark’

Kalypso Media have announced Dark, a third-person stealth-action game for the Xbox 360 and PC. The pres... Read More

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