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Destiny Currently Most Played PS4 Game, Breaks Sales Records for PSN

Ranks as number 1 for the store in nearly every sales category.

Destiny Legendary Gear for The Dark Below Raid Leaked

More leaks point to complete sets for the different classes.

Fear and Loathing with RNGesus: 2014 and the Loot Genre

Is it really all about that full set of Raid gear? Or do today's gamers want something more?

Destiny Update Makes the First Loot Cave Canon

Master Rahool isn't even close to satisfied.

Xbox One Sold 325,000 Units in September for U.S. – Analyst

Apparently outsells PS4 which shifted 250,000 units.

Destiny Hot Fix Nerfs Vex Mythoclast, Removes Sniper Platform Camping in Vault of Glass

Auto rifle and shotgun nerfs are in while scout rifles have been buffed.

Destiny’s Iron Banner Event: Bungie Soliciting Feedback

Developer curious about the advantages of more powerful equipment.

Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Completed by Two Players

The Legend Himself clan continues to toy with Bungie's first raid.

Destiny Glitch Allows Players to Access Unfinished “Terminus” DLC Area

Releasing with The House of Wolves expansion, Terminus is available for access by some players.

Destiny’s Iron Banner Live Event Currently Live

Players can compete in PvP matches to fulfil bounties and gain loot.

Destiny Review

Lacking atmosphere?

Destiny Raid Matchmaking in Discussion at Bungie

"You don't need to sell us too hard on the value of matchmaking."

15 Things That Destiny Does Wrong

The shortfalls of an almost masterpiece.

Destiny 1.0.2 Patch Now Live, Fixes Engrams and Add Legendary Loot to Missions

Engrams have been subject to a number of changes for the better.

Destiny Expansion Pack Content “Will be Finished Soon”, Leaked Activities Might Change

Bungie responds to the recent leak of activities and missions for Destiny.

The Seraphim Vault May Be Accessible in The Final Version of Destiny

Okay, so just make it accessible already. This game needs some good new content, pronto.

The Destiny Soundtrack Has Been Released Today

Enter the piano riff.

UK Game Charts: FIFA 15 Takes Top Spot From Destiny

A whopping 80 percent of game sales were from EA Sports' football simulator.

Destiny’s Loot Cave Closed, Weapon and Strike Balances Planned

Also expect some optional voice chat for Strikes and Crucible before the year is up.

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