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There Is A Destiny Infinite Ammo Hack

This is why we can't have good things.

Destiny Was “Pretty Liberating”, “Welcome Change” from Halo

Bungie happy with exploring new territory.

Destiny: What’s Next After the Hype?

Destiny the concept has been hyped to death. Let's take a look at Destiny the game.

Destiny Live Events Beginning on September 12th

Take to the Crucible for new Gear, Reputation and Marks.

Destiny First Reviews Out

It's a bust.

Destiny Could Hit Lifetime Sales of 20 Million

Aka "Call of Duty" levels of sales.

Destiny Nets $500 Million in Day One Sales Worldwide

Activision dubs it "biggest new video game franchise launch in history".

Bungie Details Patch 1.0.1 For Destiny

But it just launched...

Destiny Is The Most Pre-Ordered New IP In History

Take that, Watch Dogs!

Phil Spencer Says Not to “Dismiss” Xbox 360/PS3 Versions of Destiny

"Bungie did a lot of work to make those great."

Bungie Wants Destiny to Be “Avatar, Not Waterworld”

Head of production Jonty Barnes talks about the risk of a new IP for Bungie.

Bungie’s Destiny is Now Live

Arguably the biggest shooter of the year (this week) goes live.

Bungie Explains Lack of Destiny Reviews on Launch Day

Community manager David Dague says the studio "created something we're proud of".

Destiny Reviews Won’t Be Hitting The Internet At Launch Day

It's absolutely mind blowing, truly next gen, highly dynamic and very emotional.

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