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Destiny: Location of Husk Of The Pit Rifle And How To Upgrade It To Necrochasm

Will you be the first to claim it?

Destiny’s First Level 32 Player Has Already Emerged

Time, patience, dedication and plenty of alts helped one player max out his level.

Destiny Iron Banner 3.0 Event Now Live

Running till December 22nd, the PvP event will allow players to earn 33 light gear.

New Destiny Update Brings Back Iron Banner This Week

How will this work, I wonder.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny Ranked as Best-Selling Games at US Retail

Advanced Warfare is top-selling title while Destiny is top-selling new IP for the year.

Destiny Xur Inventory and Exotic Upgrades for December 12th to 14th

Xur returns with even more goodies than before.

Destiny: The Dark Below’s Raid Cleared First by VOG Squad

Invigorate Gaming rises to the top once again.

Destiny Requires The Dark Below Expansion for Some Weekly Strikes

With the release of the expansion, Bungie and Activision will be featuring DLC Strikes "periodically".

Destiny: The Dark Below Expansion Now Live

New missions, new gear and a new Raid await.

Destiny Hotfix Goes Live Before The Dark Below Release

New difficulty tiers for Weekly and Daily Heroic Story missions go live.

Destiny Teases Sparrow Racing Mode But “No Promises”

"It's one of those shifty, no-promises answers".

Destiny Save Data Will Carry Over To Destiny 2

Destiny's "Ten Year Plan" might include Save Data compatibility.

Destiny PS4 Players Facing Lock Out After Purchasing The Dark Below

Currently limited to standalone DLC; Xbox One users not suffering.

Bungie Considering Larger Vault, Higher Glimmer Cap for Destiny

The developer adds these to the list of "things that we're discussing".

Bungie Clarifies Fixes Brought On By New Destiny Update

Criticism prompts response from developer.

Destiny Crucible Rules Dissolve Matchmade Teams That “Vastly Outperform Opponents”

Expect matchmaking to occur if one side completely devastates another.

Destiny Xur Inventory for December 5th to 7th Revealed

Hope you like Plan C (again).

Destiny Hosting Another Iron Banner Event on December 16th

Lord Saladin returns and he's bringing level 31 gear for all.

Apparently, Destiny: The Dark Below Changes How Loot Works For Raids

Look! Some changes that actually make Destiny's design somewhat sensible!

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