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Destiny New Assets and Information Coming Soon, Bungie Says “It’s Time to Deliver”

The house that Halo built is hoping you'll love what you see.

Bungie Insists Destiny is on Track

'This game is close to shipping.'

Destiny: No NPC Companions, Crafting Detailed, New Gameplay Footage Soon

The upcoming beta will also be Bungie's biggest yet.

Destiny Collector’s Edition Revealed Next Week?

Bungie's online shooter gets a whole lot more intricate.

Bungie’s Destiny: Character Customization System Detailed, Features Decal System

Players will find tons of items within the game to further customize their characters.

Destiny Will Use Faceware Tech For Motion Capture

Breathing new life into the storytelling.

Destiny Ad Reveals New Gameplay, Demonstrates Sharing With PS4

The "shared world" shooter shows off some new footage.

You can share all footage from the Destiny beta, Bungie reveals

'Destiny is a thing to be shared.'

Bungie Reveals New Shrike Vehicle for Destiny

Land-speeders much, Bungie?

Destiny Beta Coming This Summer

Go hands on with Bungie's latest magnum opus this summer.

Destiny Could Hit 10 Million Units in Lifetime Sales

And analysts believe Heartstone will be even more successful.

Destiny Won’t Have Animal Mounts Due to PETA Concerns

Second screen functionality also arriving via Bungie Mobile App.

Former Halo Creative Director, Writer Returns To Microsoft

After a successful stint at Bungie working on Destiny.

PS3 Games To Look Forward To In 2014

The PS3 has a number of exclusives and multi-platform games in store for gamers in 2014.

Destiny Matchmaking and Server Technology Explained by Bungie

Technical director Chris Butcher goes into detail about the online shooter.

Destiny Holiday Video Spoofs “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Bungie is hard at work over the holidays on their upcoming MMO FPS.

Destiny Used to be Third Person Only

Now includes partial third person elements after switching to first person.

Destiny Might Require “A Group of Players” During Later Missions

Plan to go out it alone? You might want to reconsider.

Destiny’s City Inspired by Camelot, Main Quest Explained

Fight back the Darkness by awakening the mysterious Traveler in Bungie's next.

Destiny New Gameplay Trailer Showcases Special Abilities, Combat and New Environments

Speeders, grenades, explosions and epic scale as usual.

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