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Star Wars: Battlefront Test Requirements Clarified, Alpha Won’t Have Death Star Map,

PC Specs are the min for the Alpha only and could change in the future.

Star Wars Battlefront: “Single-Player Was Never the Plan”

DICE's Patrick Bach talks about the emphasis on multiplayer only in the upcoming shooter.

Check Your Inbox: You May Have An Invite to the Alpha for Star Wars: Battlefront

Strike the empire before it strikes back.

EA Has “No Hesitation” Delaying Star Wars Battlefront if Issues Arise

However, that won't happen since it's "rock solid" right now with 40 players.

Star Wars Battlefront PC Gameplay Teased in Short Clip

Check out some brief snippets of gameplay from the upcoming PC version.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Won’t Have Any Gun Play

The awkwardness of gun battles in the first game played a role in the decision to do away with guns in Catalys...

Star Wars Battlefront First Gameplay Footage Arrives, Battle of Hoth Showcased

It's chaos and devastation as Rebels and Imperials collide.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Releasing on February 23rd 2016, In-Engine Footage Released

Faith's rise will be the story of DICE's reboot.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Video Showcases Real Life Parkour Stunts

Watch parkour artists simulate stunts from DICE's upcoming action adventure.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Confirmed: “This is Not a Sequel or Mirror’s Edge 2″

DICE finally confirms the name change and general direction for the next Mirror's Edge.

Mirror’s Edge 2 May Be Called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

At least, according to a recent EA trademark filing.

Star Wars: Battlefront Getting C3PO, Taking Greater Advantage Of Collaboration With Lucas

EA Community Manager Mathew Everett sheds light on the collaboration going on between EA, Dice and Lucas Arts.

Star Wars Battlefront: EA Explains Reboot Stance

EA looking to "provide our vision on what an epic Star Wars Battlefront can deliver".

Battlefield 4 Spring Patch Now Live

Adds new weapons and new Gun Master mode.

Battlefield 4 Update Deploys on May 26th, Adds New Guns and Mode

Multiplayer servers to go offline for maintenance starting at 1 AM PDT.

Star Wars Battlefront Was Only Possible On PS4/XB1/PC, Stunning New Screenshot Released

That's a mighty impressive Star Destroyer you've got there.

Star Wars: Battlefront Map Distribution Explained, Ewoks Confirmed

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were sudde...

Star Wars Battlefront Resolution Unconfirmed, PC Specs Might Resemble Battlefield 4

EA community manager refutes rumours of Battlefront's resolution.

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