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DICE’s Battlelog Receiving Revamp for Consoles, Currently Live on PC

Platoons for the mobile version of Battlelog also planned.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Now Available to Non-Premium Players

Partake in four new maps and Carrier Assault today.

Battlefield 4 Bug Makes Dead Bodies Act as Shields

It's even weirder in practice.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Bug Kills Attack Boat Pilots Indirectly

Aka how to kill Attack Boat pilots with a simple glitch.

Battlefield 4: DICE Upgrading Servers to Solve Rubber-Banding Issues

Read: DICE continues to patch Battlefield 4 more than four months later.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike PC Receives Client Update, Patch Notes

Because of course it does.

Squads May Return To Battlefield 4 – Report

Squad Access beta mode spotted in multiplayer options for PS3 version.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Now Available on Xbox One, Patch Follows

DICE has issued a ton of fixes in time for the Xbox One version's launch.

DICE Updates Battlefield 4 Commander App

Full list of patch notes inside.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Launch Preceded by Battlelog Update

Prepare for battle and more fixes and changes.

Oddworld Creator: Battlefield 4 Team “Knew it Wasn’t Ready to Go”

Lorne Lanning says Battlefield 4 shipped "with dirt all over it".

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Delayed on PC Because Reasons

DICE has "detected an issue and it needs to be solved". No new release date announced.

Battlefield 4 Security Exploit Crashes Servers: “No Free Commander Slots”

BF4 streamers are reporting an exploit that crashes Commander-enabled servers.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Trailer Reveals March 25th Release

Premium subscribers will get the game first while normal users will need to wait two weeks.

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Features Two Handed Ballistic Shields

Players will be able to bash others using the shield - but can't fire while wielding it.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Teaser Revealed, Full Trailer on March 19th

Go seaward and conquer in DICE's newest expansion.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike: Map Layouts, Assignments And Awards Leaked

Check out just how much ocean area you'll be navigating in the upcoming DLC.

Here’s An In Depth Look At Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Maps and Gadgets

Developers talk about the upcoming expansion.

Here Are Some Juicy Rumored Mirror’s Edge 2 Details For You

Most of it appears to be good news.

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