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Battlefield Hardline Open Beta PS4 Impressions

This open beta doesn’t seem to be showing off what Hardline has to offer.

Beta Reveals Battlefield Premium Items For Battlefield Hardline

It's actually pretty sensible.

Battlefield Hardline PC: Minimum And Recommended Requirements Revealed

It's pretty much on par with Battlefield 4.

Stunning Star Wars: Battlefront Concept Art Revealed

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars Battlefront’s Launch Will Have “Very Large Activity” – EA

EA will be looking to focus as heavily on Battlefront as it has on Battlefield.

Battlefield 4: Second Assault Available Free for EA Access Subscribers

First DLC to be offered for free through the service.

Battlefield Hardline: Details On Attachments, Perks, Field Upgrades, Loadouts And Glitches

Lead multiplayer designer, Thaddeus Sasser reveals a lot of information regarding Hardline's multiplayer.

Battlefield: Hardline – Here Is A List Of All Modes and Maps

Guys, leave something for us to discover!

Battlefield Hardline To Have 51 Weapons, 27 Vehicles And 28 Gadgets

That's a lot of goodies to play with.

Battlefield 4 May Be Receiving More Premium DLC

More Premium Content may well be on its way.

Battlefield: Hardline – Mechanic Class Gets Spawn Beacon

Check inside for the scoop.

Battlefield Hardline Boxart and Trailer Causes Controversy In US In Wake of Ferguson

Controversy erupts in wake of latest Battlefield Hardline trailer and boxart.

EA and DICE Address Issues With Battlefield 4: Final Stand

New Battlefield product launches with issues. More at 11.

This Is What Battlefield 4: Last Stand Looks Like

It actually looks good.

Battlefield 4’s Battlelog Update Reveals Spyder Bow and Bipod Knife

Shootmans with bows. I'm not witty enough to come up with a Legolas pun

Rumour: The Next Battlefield 4 DLC Is Uprise?

Speculation speculation, lots and lots of speculation.

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