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Star Wars Battlefront: Game Changers Program, Customization And More Info Further Detailed

More information on EA and DICE's shooter, and the community programs around it.

Star Wars Battlefront Features Imperial Specific Missions, Details on Other Modes Coming Soon

Now we will all get to feel the power of the dark side.

Star Wars Battlefront: Split-Screen Co-op Limited to Consoles, Vehicle Spawns Discussed

DICE shares a few new details on the upcoming multiplayer shooter.

Star Wars Battlefront Dev Has “All the Ingredients” for Authentic Experience

How many game companies are going all the way to Finland for authenticity's sake?

Star Wars Battlefront Dev “Really Scared” in the Beginning

GM Patrick Bach believed the property to be "too intimidating".

Star Wars: Battlefront PC Graphics Settings And Options Revealed

Info keeps getting out despite DICE trying to put a lid on it.

Star Wars Battlefront New Details: Menu, Weapons, Vehicles And More

The alpha has leaked a ton of new information.

Star Wars: Battlefront Test Requirements Clarified, Alpha Won’t Have Death Star Map,

PC Specs are the min for the Alpha only and could change in the future.

Star Wars Battlefront: “Single-Player Was Never the Plan”

DICE's Patrick Bach talks about the emphasis on multiplayer only in the upcoming shooter.

Check Your Inbox: You May Have An Invite to the Alpha for Star Wars: Battlefront

Strike the empire before it strikes back.

EA Has “No Hesitation” Delaying Star Wars Battlefront if Issues Arise

However, that won't happen since it's "rock solid" right now with 40 players.

Star Wars Battlefront PC Gameplay Teased in Short Clip

Check out some brief snippets of gameplay from the upcoming PC version.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Won’t Have Any Gun Play

The awkwardness of gun battles in the first game played a role in the decision to do away with guns in Catalys...

Star Wars Battlefront First Gameplay Footage Arrives, Battle of Hoth Showcased

It's chaos and devastation as Rebels and Imperials collide.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Releasing on February 23rd 2016, In-Engine Footage Released

Faith's rise will be the story of DICE's reboot.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Video Showcases Real Life Parkour Stunts

Watch parkour artists simulate stunts from DICE's upcoming action adventure.

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