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Star Wars: Battlefront Map Distribution Explained, Ewoks Confirmed

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were sudde...

Star Wars Battlefront Resolution Unconfirmed, PC Specs Might Resemble Battlefield 4

EA community manager refutes rumours of Battlefront's resolution.

Star Wars: Battlefront New Details On Destruction, Graphics And More

More new details about the game pour out.

Star Wars Battlefront First Gameplay Footage to be Revealed at E3 2015

DICE also shares information on Fighter Squadron mode.

Star Wars Battlefront ADS Gameplay Clarified, Other Vehicles Revealed

Vehicles will also be "a lot easier to fly" in the upcoming multiplayer shooter.

Star Wars: Battlefront Won’t Have Classes, XP Unlocks Shared With Partners

Share your XP-unlocked equipment with friends or pool resources together.

Star Wars: Battlefront New Details On Missions And Character Customization

Also, split-screen co-op will run at 30fps.

Star Wars: Battlefront Features Playable AT-STs

The two-legged walking tanks will be available to players for combat.

Star Wars: Battlefront Won’t Have Aiming Down Ironsights

DICE's Patrick Bach said "in general, we've tried to do something completely unique".

Mirror’s Edge Reboot, New Plants vs. Zombies Releasing in Early 2016

EA has revealed a tentative release window for two big games.

Star Wars: Battlefront’s 12 Maps Doesn’t Include Battle of Jakku DLC

Because, well, the DLC isn't out at launch.

EA Thinks Star wars: Battlefront Will Sell 9-10 Million Copies

That's an interesting prediction.

Battlefield Hardline: 80% of Console Sales Came From PS4 And Xbox One Versions

'We have transitioned to the next gen very well.'

Star Wars Battlefront Features 12 Multiplayer Maps at Launch

These include the recently revealed Sullust.

Star Wars Battlefront Dev: ‘We Support Offline Play’ But That Depends On PS4/Xbox One Restrictions

Jesper Nielsen also discusses the controversial DLC policy of the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront Dev Says It Is Getting ‘The Maximum Out of PS4 Hardware’

'We're getting more familiar with the hardware.'

Star Wars Battlefront Dev Defends Against Claims of Milking Products, Not Using ‘Evasive Tactics’

DICE developer Jesper Nielsen on how they are working hard to develop a great game.

You Can Get Star Wars Battlefront For Cheaper If You Are In The UK

That is, if you are into pre-ordering the game at all.

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