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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC Will Still be DRM-Free

Developer believes "DRM does more harm to legit gamers than good for gaming industry".

DRM Is Here To Stay, Says Square Enix Rep

DRM is a necessity and here to say, says a Square representative.

Sony UK’s Andrew House Suprised at “How Visceral Consumers’ Reaction Was” to Early Xbox One Policies

Andrew House is still "quite literally scratching" his head how committed Sony had to be to "common sense" iss...

Crazy Countdown to Xbox One and PS4: The Controversies, Excitement and Drama

The jouney towards the release the PS4 and Xbox One has been an eventful one. Join us as we recount the major ...

Deep Silver Has No Plans for PC DRM, UPlay “Is Not The Way Want to Approach Things”

CEO Klemens Kundratitz also speaks about the success of Metro.

Microsoft: Xbox One DRM Policies Unlikely to Reappear

Albert Penello doesn't see such policies becoming "retroactive" any time soon either.

The Sims 4 Confirmed as Offline, May Not Come to Consoles

For now, the developer is focusing on PC and Mac releases.

Peter Molyneux on Xbox One DRM Policy: “There’s an Inevitability of Online”

Lionhead founder and industry legend comes out in defense of Microsoft's nixed DRM strategy.

Xbox Co-founder: “Impressed” by Xbox One Policy Change

Ed Fries happy that Microsoft is "responsive to feedback" from consumers.

Jesse Schell on Xbox One DRM About-Turn: “Microsoft Made a Mistake Listening to its Customers”

"This is the lesson of the innovator's dilemma."

Id Software Cofounder Defends Xbox One DRM Policies

John Carmack on DRM and the future of gaming

Codemasters Co-Founder: Microsoft Didn’t Sell Xbox One in Right Way, About-turn “Was a Mistake”

David Darling believes it's only a matter of time before consoles go for digital distribution.

Will Wright Praises Microsoft on Revoking DRM Policies for Xbox One

Simcity creator also marvels at the gamers' ability to inspire change.

Aaron Greenberg: Will Continue to Add Features to Xbox One Over the Years

Says most consumers wanted the choic

Xbox One Asia Release Date Remains Unchanged

Asia launch remains unchanged

Xbox One DRM Being Removed: No 24 Hour Check-Ins, No Restrictions on Used Games

Microsoft finally comes to their senses?

10 Ways That Microsoft Can Win Back Fans

Ten ways Microsoft can turn their boat around.

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