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Gearbox Looking to Make New Duke Nukem, Seeks “Correct Developer”

Randy Pitchford didn't just acquire the franchise for Duke Nukem Forever.

Duke Nukem Creators Sue Gearbox Software

Troubled developer finds itself in a new controversy.

Randy Pitchford: Duke Nukem Forever generated massive loving fan mails, it’s really an “anomaly”

Randy Pitchford still thinks that the Gearbox team did a great job with Duke Nukem Forever, but he almost fe... Read More

Duke Nukem Forever: Four cloned screenshots

Check out these new screenshots from Duke Nukem Forever .This game is published by 2K Games on PC, PS3 and X36... Read More

Duke Nukem Forever gets a new DLC – The Doctor Who Cloned Me

2k Games has announced that Duke Nukem Forever gets a new DLC called The Doctor Who Cloned Me. The DLC i... Read More

Gearbox feels criticism for Duke Nukem Forever was unjust

Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel feels that the criticism Duke Nukem Forever received from critics was unju... Read More

7 Ways To Redeem The Duke Nukem Franchise

The Duke Nukem franchise is at an all time low. It has hit rock bottom, and a layer beneath that, being a pile... Read More

Duke Nukem Forever Mac Update Released

Gearbox Software has released a Mac update for Duke Nukem Forever which contains a lot of nifty features. Yo... Read More

Gearbox- “We want to make our own Duke game”

Duke Nukem Forever sucked. We all know that. But Gearbox says they did not just acquire the series to see th... Read More

Duke Nukem Forever gets a big PC update

The developer's support for this game is certainly commendable, since Duke Nukem Forever gets a gigantic PC ... Read More

Upcoming Duke Nukem Forever PC patch increases inventory size

A new patch is being released for Duke Nukem Forever on PC that will increase how many weapons Duke can carr... Read More

Shadows Of The Damned & Child Of Eden Flop In US

Adding fuel to the contradictory bonfire that gamers cry for originality and then don't buy the titles that ... Read More

Duke Nukem Forever sales disappointing, says analyst

Duke Nukem Forever's sales may be half as low as they were initially expected to be, says Wedbush Morgan, an... Read More

Duke Nukem Forever Review

Interesting fact: back when 3D Realms originally announced Duke Nukem Forever, Nintendo released it's first po... Read More

Duke Nukem History of a Legend – Part 3 Video

[HTML1] Well here is part three of the history of Duke Nukem.  You'll see the voice of Duke Nukem but more i... Read More

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Hits PC and Xbox 360, PS3 To Follow Soon

2K have announced that the Duke Nukem Forever demo will hit the Xbox 360 and PC and is coming to PS3 soon.... Read More

2K Sack PR Firm After Duke Nukem Review Response

PR Firm 'The Redner Group' have been dropped by 2K games following the firm's response to criticism of Duke ... Read More

Duke Nukem Forever Wallpapers in full 1080P HD

Check out these Duke Nukem Forever Wallpapers in full 1080P HD. [imagebrowser id=222]Read More

Duke Nukem Forever Has Gone Gold

Finally after years of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold. GearboxSoftware has tweeted: DUKE N... Read More

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