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Final Fantasy 15: Yebis 2 “Only” Used in E3 Trailer, Further Usage Uncertain

The post processing effects middleware engine hasn't been used for the full game it seems.

The Order: 1886 Graphical Fidelity to Exceed E3 Reveal Trailer – Ready At Dawn Founder

All cut-scenes to be rendered in real-time, according to studio founder.

Crytek Defends Against Claims That Ryse Is ‘Nothing But A Series of QTE’s’

Producer Mike Read also talks about the game's original direction for Xbox 360.

Ryse Producer: E3 Demo “Was a Very Tiny Slice” of the Final Game

Michael Read says the final game will be much different.

Assassin’s Creed Creator: “We Need a Revolution in Subject Matter”

Patrice Desilets says video games "need to talk about something else".

Warframe PS4 Development Took Only Three Months

Even Sony were surprised how quickly Digital Extremes got it up and running.

Bungie Releases Destiny E3 2013 Video in HD

Full HD Glory

Yoichi Wada is Chairman of Board at Square Enix

Wada still around after stepping down as president of Square Enix.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Receives 49 Awards for E3 2013

"Best Game of E3" and "Best RPG of E3" included.

Xbox One: Five Reasons We’ll Never be Satisfied

Where did Microsoft go wrong? And could it have been prevented?

10 Embarrassing Moments From E3 2013

Just in case they planned to live down their shame, we call out the ten moments that embarrassed the folks at ...

Jonathan Blow Mocks Xbox One Again, Terms One-Off Online Activation As “Bad”

Agrees that E3 2013 would've been a better place to do a "reset".

Super Smash Bros. Designer: “We Don’t Have Time to Fully Recreate Every Character”

Masahiro Sakurai dampens our spirits a bit at this move.

Nintendo Announces First Free to Play Game “Steel Driver”

To use either membership model or micro-transactions (maybe).

Final Fantasy XV PC Version “Undecided”, Might Release if There’s Enough Demand

Nomura talks about the likelihood of FFXV on PCs.

5 Most Disappointing Games of E3 2013

What games disappointed us the most this year?

Peter Molyneux: Industry “Can’t Afford the Luxury” Of Catering to Same Audience in 10 Years Time

Argues that consoles have already been overtaken by mobiles and tablets in terms of audience and engagement.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Release Still Unsure, Mark Rubin Clarifies Earlier Remarks

Producer Mark Rubin doesn't have any info on a release for Nintendo's console.

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