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Bloodborne Is EDGE’s Cover Story for August Issue

'From the developer of Dark Souls...'

Kojima’s games will be multiplatform from now on

Finally he speaks his mind.

EDGE December 2011 Scores out; MW3 scores more than BF3

EDGE scores for December are out and it's kind of wierd. Battlefield 3 has scored 8 and Modern Warfare 3 has... Read More

Dead Island gets a 3/10 from Edge- yeah, you read that right

Dead Island has been receiving fairly positive reviews from publications, but it has finally gotten its firs... Read More

EDGE Review Scores (Issue 224)

Here are the latest EDGE review scores. LBP 2 and Dead Space 2 both got a solid 9 in the issue. Check ... Read More

EDGE awards perfect score to Rockband 3, all scores in one place

EDGE 222 is out on stands now and the mag has awarded a perfect score to Harmonix's Rockband 3. We have all ... Read More

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