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Will Fallout 4 Add New NPC Companions?

What kind of vile creatures would you want on your side in the sequel?

Fallout 4 Developments? ZeniMax Files Three Trademarks for Nuka Cola

The first signs of Fallout 4 being revealed or just wishful thinking?

Will Fallout 4 Feature Improvements For Armour Customization?

How can Fallout 4 improve on the previous game's armour rules?

Will Fallout 4 Allow The Ability to Choose Your Own Starting Races?

This week we discuss the ability to chose your own race.

Fallout 4: Inventing New Perks for the New World

What kind of Perks should be added to the next Fallout?

Fallout 4: Creating a New Leveling System or Borrowing From the Past?

Should Bethesda take inspiration from Skyrim or try something brand new?

Fallout 4: The Survivor 2299 Is Back But Not Related to the Game

Rather, a new mod has emerged for New Vegas.

Fallout 4: What We Don’t Want to See

What should Bethesda avoid? It's a tough choice.

Fallout 4: Why It Should Have Improved Mod Support

Betheda's active support for modders should have far less obstacles than it does.

Fallout 4: What If It Released In 2016?

Could the post-apocalyptic RPG follow up be destined for a late release?

Bethesda: No Time Frame for Next Game Announcement, Will Take a While

Game director Todd Howard has heard way too many questions about Fallout 4.

Fallout 4: Will it Succeed if it Releases Next Gen Only?

Analyzing the game's chances of success if it only sticks to PS4 and Xbox One along with PC.

Fallout 4: What Should be the Next Collectible?

Bobbleheads and snow-globe collectors want to know.

Fallout 4: Don’t Expect Any Information For A Long Time

Keep on waiting, fans.

Fallout 4: What Kind of Protagonist Will You Prefer?

A clean slate or an established background?

Fallout 4 Set in Boston a Major Concern?

Looking at how the new location could be a detriment.

Bethesda Looking For Next Gen RPG Developers

Fallout developer seeking some one with experience on current and next gen consoles.

Obsidian Entertainment Hiring UI Artist for Next Gen Title

Fallout: New Vegas dev is working on a "ground breaking user-experience".

Fallout 4 Email Announcement for January 12th is a Hoax

As always, another disappointment.

Fallout 4: What if it Was Similar to Fallout 1/2?

Interested in a time warp or content for more of the same?

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