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Prima Announces The Fallout 4 Guide Book

Vault dweller's guide.

Fallout 4 Mod Tools Won’t be Available at Launch

Bethesda Softworks' entire focus is "on finishing the game".

Fallout 4’s Boston Setting Decided Before Skyrim’s Release

Ideas have been percolating for the game since 2008.

Fallout 4’s Base Customization Offers “Lot of Options”

Locations are limited but you can "go crazy" with options in the RPG's base builder.

Fallout 4 Doesn’t Use id Tech Because of Moveable Objects

Curious why Bethesda didn't opt for id Software's engine? Here's why.

Fallout 4 New Details: Diamond City, Companions, Perks, NPC Factions And More

Looks like this game well and truly will be Game of the Year.

Todd Howard Talks About Fallout 4 In This New interview

Bethesda emphasized gameplay over graphics.

Fallout Anthology Announced, Includes All Games in Series

Yes, even Fallout Tactics.

Square Enix CEO Would Like To See More Games Get Announced, And Released In The Same Year

We'd like to see that too though it's probably isn't happening anytime soon though.

Fallout 4 Offers Massive Interactive World, “Not Meant to be Most Stunning RPG Ever”

Bethesda's Pete Hines says the upcoming RPG aims to an unprecedented level of scale.

Fallout 4 Development Efficient Thanks to Current Gen, “Story Reason” for Crafting

Crafting might not be a requirement but it is encouraged by Bethesda.

Fallout 4 At Gamescom But Still Doesn’t Have A Demo

Should we be nervous?

Fallout 4 Features 13,000 Lines of Dialogue With Two VAs

Scenes will play out differently depending on the protagonist's gender.

Bethesda Focused on Fallout 4 Over Paid Mods

Bethesda will re-evaluate paid mods going forward but is currently busy with its next big game.

Fallout 4 Story Hinted at in Previous Games

Just how big a part will previous Fallouts play in Fallout 4?

More Fallout 4 and DOOM Footage Coming at QuakeCon

Excellent, more Fallout 4 news (and DOOM is cool too).

Fallout 4 Wins “Best of Show” in E3 2015 Game Critics Awards

Uncharted 4 also nets a few awards including "Best Console Game".

Fallout 4 Mods Currently in Development

Mods will only go live when the game's tools release.

Fallout 4: Todd Howard Explains How Skyrim Has Helped Them Reduce Bugs In The Game

Now we'll just have to wait and see how much they actually learned.

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