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Final Fantasy 15 Still Linked to FFXIII, Given “Very High Priority” Along With KH3

The name might have changed but it's still connected to Fabula Nova Crystallis.

Check Out This New 11 Minute Long Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Video

Square Enix REALLY wants Final Fantasy XIII to happen.

15 RPGs To Look Forward To In 2014

With a new year comes a new set of RPG games to cut your teeth on.

New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Vid Takes Us Into Making of the Game

New video takes us behind the scene with franchise creators.

Demo Footage of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Released

A look at the upcoming Final Fantasy game

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to Feature Lightning, FFXIII Outfits

The Goddess herself makes a cameo in the MMO.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 Wiki : Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

Were Components of Final Fantasy Versus XIII Used to Create Lightning Returns?

What remains in the original game? What was removed?

Final Fantasy XIII universe will continue after Lightning Returns, says SE

And we still wait for Versus XIII.

FFXIII’s Lightning Voted Japan’s Favourite Female Final Fantasy Character

She beats out Aerith and Yuna to claim top spot.

Final Fantasy XIII-3: Why It’s a Bad Idea for Square-Enix

How they didn't learn their lesson after the first game is still a mystery.

FF XIII-2: Square Enix Realizes its mistake of Long Development Times

The user and critical reception of Final Fantasy XIII seems to have shaken Square Enix at its very core. The... Read More

Seven things FFXIII-2 needs to accomplish to avoid meeting FFXIII’s fate

The Final Fantasy franchise, once a timeless pillar in gaming and the Role Playing genre and one of the most r... Read More

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has “no connection to anything we didn’t use for FFXIII”- Square Enix

Square Enix says that Final Fantasy XII-2 will be recycling content from Final Fantasy XIII that was cut o... Read More

Official Final Fantasy XIII-2 website launched

Square Enix has launched the official website for their recently announced Final Fantasy XIII-2. The websit... Read More

FF Versus XIII HD trailer dropping Jan 20

Square's confirmed that a new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be released for the public on Jan 2... Read More

Final Fantasy XIII-2 announced for PS3 and 360

Oooh Yeah! Square's announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 during its Japanese event today. The game will be dir... Read More

Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) Not Even In Top 20 In Japan

Final Fantasy XIII debuted on the Xbox 360 in Japan this week, but it had a somewhat disappointing performan... Read More

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