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Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Review – Ludicrous Enjoyment

Is Payday 2: Crimewave Edition just another HD cash grab?

Planetside 2 Beta Release Date Is Coming This Week

it's nearly time to wage war again marine, get ready for the drop.

Star Citizen FPS Module Showcased at PAX Australia

CONTACT RIGHT! ON ME! Come on dude, pack it in.

Men Like FPSs, Women Like RPGs, Study Finds

I like RPGs more, though, and I'm pretty sure I'm a man. I think.

30 FPS Versus 60 FPS For PS4 And Xbox One: Does It Really Matter?

With the advent of next generation consoles does 30FPS vs 60FPS really matter?

Metro Last Light Factions Pack Review

The return of the Librarians makes this DLC something special.

Electronic Art says Battlefield is unique compared to other first person shooters

Battlefield is unlike any other shooter according to Electronic Arts

Alien Rage – Teaser Trailer and Screenshots

Get ready to annihilate some aliens in Alien Rage

Dead Island Riptide Launch Trailer Is Here

Dead Island: Riptide out in stores now

Shootmania Storm Review

Nadeo's latest Mania offering gives the FPS a fresh lick of paint.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Review

Get ready to snipe and sneak around in Sniper Ghost Warrior 2.

Prey 2 Rumoured Countdown Website Ends on March 1st

The thickening mystery further thickens...more.

Warface Closed Beta Commences, New Trailer Released

War. Hoo. Yeah, what is it good for?

Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2: Two Sides of the Open World, Looting Coin

They both have their strengths and different approaches, but only one welcomes the mayhem.

PlanetSide 2 Review

In the end, this game is addicting as hell.

The Walking Dead FPS Now a (Terminal) Reality Thanks to Activision

After the success of Telltales Games The Walking Dead adventure series, it appears other developers are ente... Read More

Syndicate – Agent Tech Gameplay Trailer

[HTML1] Check out this new video from Syndicate which shows some tech gameplay trailer. The game is a reboo... Read More

Nuclear Dawn – Resource Point Tutorial

[HTML1] Check out a new tutorial for the upcoming game Nuclear Dawn. The game looks amazing and reminds me ... Read More

Syndicate – ‘Origins’ Trailer Released

[HTML1] Check out the Syndicate Origins trailer, which was released today. The game has been totally transf... Read More

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