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Battlefield 4: Why It Is A Bug Ridden Fest

The transition from FrostBite 2 To FrostBite 3 has been rough.

Command and Conquer Trailer Goes Behind the Battle

Return to the theater of sci-fi war with EA's free to play reboot/

Bioware Could Use Frostbite 2 Engine For All Upcoming Projects

Why not take advantage of EA's community and resources?

PopCap Hiring for New Frostbite 2, AAA Console Title

It seems this could be the long-awaited (sort of) sequel to Plants vs. Zombies.

EA: Frostbite 2 built for next-generation, improved animation due to FIFA tech

EA's Frostbite 2 engine which is being proliferated everywhere within the company is apparently targeted at ... Read More

Dead Space 3 could be an FPS and probably runs on FrostBite 2.0

Some new rumours about Dead Space 3 have surfaced, bringing some pretty surprising information to the fore t... Read More

DICE: “Unreal and Frostbite similar”, not “business competitors”; Battlefield 3 shown on 360″ screen

It's always nice hearing developers talk about how they develop games, and we have some interesting informat... Read More

PS3 Version Of NFS: The Run to Feature 7 Supercars and is Exclusive

EA and Sony take their partnership to one more level as, NFS: The Run features 7 exclusive cars. You may say... Read More

FIFA 12 outsells PES 12 by 25 times in first week

We know that FIFA is a huge franchise now and compared to PES, which is its only competitor right now. EA E... Read More

Need For Speed: The Run Teaser Trailer

[HTML1] Check out the latest teaser from Need for Speed: The Run. The teaser shows high octane action and a... Read More

Need for Speed: The Run Most Wanted Challenge Series trailer

[HTML1] Check out this new trailer from Need for Speed: The Run showing awesome chases. You can get extra c... Read More

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