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Fuel Overdose Looking to Overcome GTA 5 in Records Department

But not in the way you think.

Fuel Overdose Interview: Development, Disappointing Sales and Indie Issues with Microsoft

I-Friqiya's Skander Djerbi talks his heart out on the indie games development scene.

Fuel Overdose Developer Frustrated With Xbox One’s Policy Towards Indie Games

They should 'stop presenting themselves as indie-friendly'

Fuel Overdose Dev: Microsoft’s Indie Game Policy is like “Having to Find Yourself a Pimp to Hook on the Street”

Executive producer Skander Djerbi rips apart Microsoft's claims of "promoting the indie scene".

Fuel Overdose Gets A Second Free DLC, Trailer Inside

Second free DLC released.

Fuel Overdose demo now available on PSN Europe

Free DLC also in the pipeline.

Fuel Overdose demo now aviablae on PSN

Includes one track and three playable characters and vehicles.

Fuel Overdose gets a new trailer and DLC info

Two DLCs will be free.

Fuel Overdose Receives New Patch with Better Frame Rate, Improved AI

The PSN-exclusive combat racer gets even better.

Fuel Overdose Review

We take i-Friqiya's indie tactical racer for a spin.

Fuel Overdose back on the EU PS Store

You can now find the game on the PS Store easily.

Fuel Overdose Launch Trailer shows strategic elements

Weird music for the trailer.

Fuel Overdose to hit the PS Store on December 21

Combat racing game.

Fuel Overdose- “Racing” trailer unveiled

Have a look at the first trailer here.

Fuel Overdose: A screenshot overdose

Check out these new screenshots from Fuel Overdose. This game is published by I-FRIQIYA and is expected to be ... Read More

Fuel Overdose Announced For The PS3 And PC, First Details Inside

I-Friqiya has announced a racing game: Fuel Overdose, for Playstation 3 and PC. The game has been in devel... Read More

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