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OnLive Ceasing Operations, Sony Acquiring Assets

Major game streaming company closes down after nearly 12 years.

PlayStation Now Beta Video Shows Lag on 100MB Connection

The current beta phase for Sony's Cloud-based service is experiencing some issues.

PlayStation Now Potential Game Prices Revealed

Gaikai gave some placeholder prices for PS Now releases.

Sony Details PlayStation Now

More details on the streaming service.

Sony Unveils PlayStation Now

Powered by Gaikai.

Sony Patents Cloud Based Emulator Titled PlayStation Remix

If true this could bring tens of thousands of games on Sony's new console.

Sony: PS4 Gaikai on Track for 2014 Launch, Vita Support Possible

Next year will be a busy one for the PS4 and Vita alike.

Gaikai Launching on PS4 in Q3 2014 for North America

Though a 2015 release date for Europe is still unconfirmed.

Yoshida “Doesn’t Totally Understand” How Xbox One Uses Cloud Computing

Sony Worldwide Studios president for SCE Shuhei Yoshida finds Microsoft's message "confusing".

PS4 & Xbox One Cloud Gaming Interview: Implementation Challenges, Development Issues And More

Christine Arrington, senior analyst in the games group at IHS talks about cloud gaming and its implementation.

Crazy Countdown to Xbox One and PS4: The Controversies, Excitement and Drama

The jouney towards the release the PS4 and Xbox One has been an eventful one. Join us as we recount the major ...

PS4 and Xbox One Digital Games Purchases to be 34 Percent of Total Spending by 2017 – Analyst

In comparison it was only a mere 8% across the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008.

Sony Using ‘Methodical Approach’ With Gaikai, Will Eventually Stream PS4 Games – IHS Senior Analyst

Christine Arrington also speaks about the next-to-next generation of consoles being cloud services.

Sony Wants Gaikai to Provide PlayStation Games to Tablets, Smartphones, TVs and More

Shuhei Yoshida wants to expand PlayStation games to even non-Sony devices.

Yoshida: Gaikai to Stream PS3 Titles to PS4 in 2014 for North America

But for Europe, a time frame is currently unknown.

Xbox One Could Offer Game Streaming Via Cloud Computing

Sony and Gaikai aren't the only ones looking to stream games on consoles.

Umbra Dev: Cloud Computing on Xbox One and PS4 “Makes Very Dynamic and Massive Worlds a Reality”

Even wonder what Cloud computing meant for environment design?

8 PS4 Features That Sony Still Need To Clarify

Worst-case scenario is that we will just find out on release.

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