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Let It Die Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Let It Die.

Let It Die Used to be Lily Bergamo, Free to Play and Multiplayer Detailed

Lily Bergamo's essentials became Let It Die and Tae Ioroi is no more.

Suda 51’s Let It Die Heading to PS4

Aka Not Lily Bergamo.

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition Delayed on PC, Releasing on May 23rd

PC system requirements revealed.

Lily Bergamo Dev: PS4’s Speed “Really Puts us at Ease”

Goichi Suda talks about the console's speed and how Lily Bergamo came about.

Suda 51: The Video Game Itself, Not the Platform It’s On, is More Important

Grasshopper Manufacture's director also talks about the excellent quality of indie games.

Grasshopper Manufacture’s Lily Bergamo Trademarked in North America

Suda51's first PS4 title will be heading to the States when it releases.

Killer is Dead Review

Repetitive and boring.

Suda 51 Wants Next Generation Consoles to be “Beyond Multiplayer”

Wants to emphasize the relationship between players.

Killer Is Dead Mega Guide: Unlockables, Secret Bonus, Trophies and Achievements

A complete guide for Killer Is Dead.

Lily Bergamo Announced: Grasshopper Manufacture’s First PS4 Title

More details due by TGS 2013.

Killer is Dead HD Video Walkthrough | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for Killer is Dead.

Killer is Dead Now Available in Europe, Fan Edition Details Revealed

New English trailer revealed.

Killer is Dead Now Available in North America

Releasing in Europe on August 30th.

Killer is Dead Wiki: Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Killer is Dead

Japan Software Sales: Disney Magic Castle Premieres at Number 1

Killer is Dead, meanwhile, debuts at fifth place.

Killer is Dead Features Alice as a Target, Demonic Wonderland

Alice suffers from constant back pain since moving to the moon...yeah.

Killer is Dead Limited and Fan Edition Announced for August 30th

The Smooth Operator Pack is joined by more extra content for the Fan Edition.

Suda 51: “Only Matter of Time or Some Hook Before Xbox One Explodes in Japan”

And he means in terms of success, not hardware failure.

Killer is Dead TV #3 Details First-Run Bonuses for Japanese Copies

Also Super Mondo Eye Glasses. Also ew.

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