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There Is A Watch Dogs Mod for GTA4

And it looks pretty great!

More Information About GTA Online Heists Leaked

I'm sure if heists are ever actually out, they will be awesome.

GTA Online Receives Ten New “I’m Not a Hipster” Verified Jobs

Races, deathmatches and hipsters collide.

GTA5 Glitch Lets You Walk On Water

Become GTA Jesus.

Pre-Orders for GTA5 on Xbox One and PS4 Are Slowing Down

Did Rockstar wait too long to announce the port?

GTA Online Heists Delayed.

Maybe they'll finally have it out by the time GTA 5 releases on PS4, XB1, and PC.

Grand Theft Auto 5 For PC, PS4 And Xbox One: Will Rockstar Show It At E3?

A matter of speculation before E3 kicks in.

Take Two CEO Interested in Purchasing Studios, Still Focusing on Retail

"There's no question this company is in growth mode" according to Strauss Zelnick.

GTA Online Rooftop Rumble Pulled, Rockstar Fixing Issues

After a recent exploit emerged, the mission has been pulled from online play.

GTA 5 Title Update 1.10 Revives the Rat Loader for Online Play

Many other changes and fixes have been implemented to GTA Online.

GTA Online Micro-transactions Added to “Delight Consumers” and Create Value

Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says there's no obligation for the same.

RUMOR: GTA 5 Single Player DLC Has Assassination Missions

Alongside new story content.

UK Game Charts: Batman Arkham Origins Debuts on Top, Displaces GTA 5

The Dark Knight returns with a strong debut.

90 Crazy Things To Do In GTA Online

The sky's the limit on the insane things you can pull off in this game

100 Jaw Dropping Features In GTA 5 You Might Not Know About

Moments that will make you wonder and ask yourself, "why aren't other games like this?"

Report: Microsoft Banning GTA Online Exploiters

More GTA 5 issues!

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