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Standalone Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Releases Today

The standalone co-op experience arrives in the PlayStation Store

Killzone: Shadow Fall Receives Two Free Maps Today

The Terminal and Stormgracht offer up new means to kill.

Guerrilla Cambridge Working On High Profile IP For PS4

What are the developers of Killzone: Mercenary working on?

Boss Key Productions Hires Guerrilla Games Co-Founder as COO – Report

Arjan Brussee will reportedly be a part of Cliff Bleszinski's new studio.

Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.30 Released

New maps teased as well.

Guerrilla Games Discusses PS4 Development

"PS4 is amazing hardware for developers wanting to focus on gamers first. "

Guerrilla Games Confirms That Their Next PS4 IP Is Open World, Talks About Killzone Shadow Fall Co-op

"As for open, specifically, you'll have to wait for the next game's announcement to see what it does."

Unannounced PS4 Game In The Works at Guerrilla Cambridge

What is the Killzone Mercenary developer working on?

Guerrilla Games New PS4 IP to Possibly Have Microtransactions

A free to play shooter on the cards from the Killzone: Shadow Fall developer?

Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Receives King of the Hill Mode

This new mode will "create chaos" in traditional matches.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch to Reduce Laggy Kills, Improve Matchmaking and More

Guerrilla Games also promises improved optimized Clan match-making in the near future.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Dev Explains Native 1080p Resolution

"Temporal reprojection" explained in detail.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Receives Insurgent Pack

New weapons, a new class, new single-player difficulty and much more await.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Free For A Week

No PS Plus required.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Dev’s New IP Already 2.5 Years Into Development

Unfortunately, Guerrill Games isn't ready to reveal anything about it just yet.

Guerrilla announces Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch

Fixes frame-rate issues.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Sells More Than 2.1 Million Units

Sony looking to expand the PS4's library with more attractive titles in coming months.

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