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Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Receives King of the Hill Mode

This new mode will "create chaos" in traditional matches.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch to Reduce Laggy Kills, Improve Matchmaking and More

Guerrilla Games also promises improved optimized Clan match-making in the near future.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Dev Explains Native 1080p Resolution

"Temporal reprojection" explained in detail.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Receives Insurgent Pack

New weapons, a new class, new single-player difficulty and much more await.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Free For A Week

No PS Plus required.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Dev’s New IP Already 2.5 Years Into Development

Unfortunately, Guerrill Games isn't ready to reveal anything about it just yet.

Guerrilla announces Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch

Fixes frame-rate issues.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Sells More Than 2.1 Million Units

Sony looking to expand the PS4's library with more attractive titles in coming months.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Update 1.08 Arrives

Fixes common crashes and other bugs.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

Guerrilla Games under delivers with Shadow Fall by playing it safe.

Killzone Shadow Fall Dev: PS4 Games in Next Five Years “Will Be Even More Beautiful and Better”

Lead designer Eric Boljes talks about the future of PS4 games.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Dev “A Little Bit Disappointed” by Negative Reviews

Lead designer Eric Boljes talks about mixed reactions to the game.

UK Sales Charts: PS4 Fastest Selling Console in History, COD Ghosts on Top Again

Killzone: Shadow Fall debuts at fourth place in UK sales charts.

Killzone: Shadow Fall 1.05 Patch Goes Live, Adds Bug Fixes and Left-Handed Support

The campaign has also been tweaked to address complaints from players.

Fallout: New Vegas Writer Joins Killzone Developer

John Gonzalez, who specializes in open world RPGs, joins Guerrilla Games.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Tech Analysis

Guerrilla's debut PS4 title is a visual feast with a few drab sides here and there.

Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Trophy List Revealed

There be spoilers.

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