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Horizon Zero Dawn News Expected at Gamescom

Senior producer Mark Norris will be talking about the upcoming PS4 exclusive next week.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Heroine Takes Inspiration from Sarah Connor, Ripley

And even Ygritte from Game of Thrones.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Will Not Have Multiplayer

'The core of the game is the single player experience.'

PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Won’t Have FPS Drops Below 30fps

Performance will rock solid, Guerilla Games ensures.

Horizon Zero Dawn Scale Comparable to “Recent Open World Games”, Dev Reveals More Info

Game director offers bits of new info for the PS4 exclusive.

PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn – RPG Mechanics, Skill System And XP Detailed

Guerilla Games wants players to figure out how to beat the robos themselves.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Is 1080p/30fps And Uses Modified KIllzone: Shadowfall Engine

Guerrilla says it took two years to make sure the game could actually run the way they wanted it to.

Sony Was Nervous About Giving Horizon: Zero Dawn A Female Protagonist

After getting a look at the game, it seems the concern was unwarranted.

Guerrilla’s Horizon Footage Was Entirely In Engine

No more repeats of the infamous Killzone 2 debut, it seems.

PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Has A Ton of Different Machines

Guerrilla Games on Machines in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has Seamless Open World, Guerrilla’s Biggest Game “By Far”

Guerrila Games promises lots of stuff to do in the upcoming RPG.

PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Receives Stunning New Screenshots

This PS4 exclusive could be the most talked about game of whatever year it finally hits.

Guerrilla Games Unveils Horizon, First Gameplay Footage Revealed

Open world mecha dinosaur action.

Sony Looking to Develop Realistic Faces for PS4 Games, Will Refine Tongue, Teeth & Eyelash Details

A recent job listing for SCEA's Visual Arts Services Group reveals some interesting tidbits.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Graphics Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

Apparently, people don't care *that* much that it wasn't really 1080p.

Guerrilla’s New PS4 Exclusive To Have Improved Animations, Enhanced Character/Environment Interaction

Along with better in-game cutscenes and hit responses.

No, Guerrilla Games Are Not Announcing A New Killzone Game

Trolling at its best.

Guerrilla’s New PS4 Game, Horizon May Be Shown This Year

Please pay special attention to the title before jumping the gun.

Judge Allows Class Action Lawsuit Over Killzone shadow Fall’s Graphics To Proceed

Killzon'e graphics were not 1080p. This was lawsuit worthy.

PlayStation Experience: 5 Big Reveals That Could Happen At Sony’s Grand Event

With a week to ago, we speculate a list of possible announcements that could happen at the PlayStation Experie...

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