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Microsoft to Support Kinect “Where It Makes Sense” – Aaron Greenberg

Company still adamant on consumers choosing Kinect.

Top 15 Awesome, Embarrassing and Bizarre E3 Moments

E3 is home to some of the coolest, most memorable and downright odd moments in gaming.

Phil Spencer Admits Kinect Isn’t Useful Any More In Case of Games Like Call of Duty

“If you’re playing Halo or Call Of Duty, there’s not really a scenario that says, ‘Hey, I need a Kinec...

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida: We Want To Promote The Kind Of Multiplayer With Morpheus That Nintendo Does With Wii U

'Our teams wanted to create social games not unlike something similar Nintendo is doing with Wii U.'

Xbox One Apps To Begin Development In Earnest

With more development options being open to developers, Apps are inbound

Microsoft Possibly Developing Next Gen Tech For Xbox, Calls It ‘Magical, Delightful’

A recent job listing for a Senior Software Engineer seems to suggest as much.

You Will Hear From Xbox’s Kudo Tsunoda This Year, Microsoft Confirms

Mastermind of Kinect working on something big.

Infinity Blade Coming to Xbox One in China

Kinect only.

Kinect Now Available Solo for $149.99

Pick up the motion camera sensor (without an Xbox One) today.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Mixes Cursing With Kinect Voice Commands

Swear at the game to perform taunts. Neat!

Xbox One in Sweden Missing Voice Command Support, Games

Things are far from cheery for the console in Sweden.

Xbox One Launching in 28 Countries This Month

Territories like Japan, India, China, etc. will finally receive the console.

Developers Will Always Want More GPU Power, Freeing Up Xbox One GPU Resources Was A Sensible Move

Chris Doran, founder of Geomerics, appreciates Microsoft freeing up GPU resource for those games not using Kin...

Microsoft’s “Leap Experience Pioneers” Team Revealed

Leap! Experience! Pioneers! BUZZ WORDS FOR ALL!

Xbox One Exec On Sales Figures: Initial Messaging Wasn’t Clear, Lack of Standalone SKU Was A Factor

Microsoft India's Anshu Mor talks about the messaging behind the initial Xbox One package and the status of th...

Xbox One Sales “More Than Doubled” in June After Price Drop and Loss of Kinect

Pricing itself closer to the PS4 has given the Xbox One an edge.

Microsoft: Xbox One Sales Have Picked Up Since Launch of Kinect-less SKU

'And we're obviously very happy about that.'

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