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Xbox One April Update Available Today: Friend Notifications, Improved Kinect Functions and More

Microsoft's newest system update rolls out today. Check out what's in store.

Microsoft Trying To Crack The VR Puzzle

They want to do it, and they want to do it right.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Feature Kinect Voice Commands

Creative director Mike Laidlaw is expecting such a feature like with Mass Effect 3.

Kinect Sports Rivals Review

Is this the killer title Kinect’s been waiting for?

Xbox One April System Update Brings Game/App Save Updates, Improved DVR and More

More improvements on the way for Microsoft's next gen console.

Xbox One Without Kinect, Price Drop is “A 2015 Event” – Pachter

Don Mattrick's "favourite child" is fast losing support at Microsoft.

15 Things That Xbox One Needs To Set Right

Waving the cudgel again, but this time at the new-gen Microsoft console.

Xbox One Twitch Walkthrough Explains Broadcasting Step by Step

Major Nelson also provides some helpful tips on broadcasting using Twitch.

Xbox One March System Update Now Available: Here’s What’s New

New social features, a 50 Hz viewing option and much more now available.

Project Spark Beta Finally Reaches Xbox One

Xbox One users can finally get in on the creation kits of Spark.

Kinect-less Xbox One SKU ‘Not Very Likely’

'We're in it for the long haul, and Kinect is absolutely important.'

Get Even Dev On Xbox One’s eSRAM Issues: It Could Help In Texture Streaming But Will Need To See It In Action

Lead designer/director of development Wojciech Pazdur also talks about Kinect support.

Xbox One February Update Detailed, Releases Later This Week

Another update will be due in March and add new features.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Will Use Kinect Facial Capture in Gameplay

You can still play the whole game without Kinect though.

Korean Border Being Monitored By Kinect Based Surveillance System

'Xbox, detect intruder. No, no, not order pizza, detect intruder! Detect intruder! Damn it.'

Xbox One: 10% Reserved For GPU Getting Turned Into 2% Soon

Developers may have even more power than before to use.

A New Viva Pinata Game Is A Possibility For Xbox One

Microsoft PR spokesperson "Major Nelson" gives fans hope.

Xbox One “Will Upgrade Over Time”, Kinect Voice Models to Improve – Microsoft

Also suggests getting your voices heard by Microsoft.

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