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Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain: Boss Fights, PS4 Graphics, Motherbase Customization And More

Boss battles are 'beautiful' according to one journalist.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Gets More Info About Enemies And Gameplay

Control scheme as well as a few tough enemies were revealed in a series of tweets.

Metal Gear Solid 5’s Mysterious Skull Face: VA Surprisingly Does Not Remember Much About His Role

This is either genuine or some high level trolling job.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Head Transplant Theory Gets Crazier, More Coincidences Revealed

Played like a damn fiddle or just mere coincidences?

Konami Shifting Gears Towards Mobile, Examining How Best To Bring Existing IPs Over

CEO Hideki Hayakawa believes mobile is the future of all gaming, not just Konami's.

Konami Issues Copyright Strike On Video Detailing The Kojima-Konami Spat

Konami continues to burn all the bridges.

Konami Will Be Launching A Metal Gear Clothes Line

The future of the franchise, ladies and gentlemen.

Konami Employee: “Let Us Know Where We Are Royally Screwing Up”, Talks About MGS5 PC Preload & E3 Showing

Konami's Tora Shiro on MGS5 PC Preload, Bonus content and more.

P.T. Demo No Longer Available for Re-Downloading

Konami has finally wiped out all trace of the Silent Hills teaser from the PS Store.

What Is The Meaning Behind Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: The 1984 Collection Tease?

Konami appears to enjoy getting Metal Gear Solid fans to play detective.

Colonel’s VA: People Are Going To Be Surprised With Kiefer’s Performance In MGS5, Hayter Is A Class Act

Also reveals that Kris Zimmerman and Hayter are working on another game.

Konami CEO Hates Hideo Kojima, Workplace Has Become A “Literal Hell” – Rumor

If this report is to be believed, hundreds of people are going to lose their jobs, not only Kojima.

Konami Delists Itself From The New York Stock Exchange Voluntarily

What is going on with this company?

Silent Hills Might Be Dead, But Konami Claims To Still Be Working On Series

Norman Reedus says Silent Hills is dead, but Konami claims work on the series is moving forward.

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