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10 Greatest Video Game Mascots

There are countless heroes in the gaming wolrd, but some stick with us more than others. Some are appointed as...

Lara Croft Gets More Scrutiny Than Nathan Drake – Tomb Raider Writer

Rhianna Pratchett talks of the challenges facing female protagonists and diverse characters in gaming.

Tomb Raider Dev on PC version: People will be ‘very, very happy’, promises high-res textures

"We have dedicated people making sure the PC game feels just like console ones."

Tomb Raider Trilogy confirmed, PS3 exclusive

The recently leaked Tomb Raider Trilogy has now been confirmed by Square Enix for the PS3- exclusively. It w... Read More

Lara Croft Seen From A Different Light

We are originally used to seeing the pampered Lara Croft in her castle go rogue as the good life is not enou... Read More

Next Tomb Raider Will Be Open-World?

Gaming magazine PC Gamer's spies have seeded the rumours that the next Tomb Raider game is going to be ope... Read More

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