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Gold Mario Is Real, Will Be Walmart Exclusive

And it will be limited once again. Sigh.

Mario Animated Film Being Produced by Sony Pictures?

The recent hack of Sony Pictures has thrown up some interesting details.

Top Video Game Tattoos of All Time

Some of these players have bled for their games.

Nintendo EAD Working On A New Mario Title

Not sure if on the Wii U or the 3DS.

Amazing Secrets About Mario You Probably Didn’t Know

After 33 years, Mario still surprises us

Nintendo’s Current Financial Situation “Doesn’t Mean We Put Mario on Smartphones” – Iwata

Nintendo president strikes down any talk of expanding into mobiles.

Top 10 Startling Speedruns In Video Games

With a rainbow of choice for speedruns out there, you're sure to find what you like but these are some of best...

Rayman Legends Getting Mario, Luigi Costumes for Wii U Version

Mario and Luigi Legends.

Nintendo: “We Think We’re Putting Out the Right Number of Mario Games”

Nintendo senior director of corporate communications talks about the freshness of Mario and new IPs.

Nintendo Talks About Revisiting Classic Franchises

It's just the way they develop games.

FIFA Becomes First Gaming Property to Net Over £1 Billion at UK Retail

Gfk-Chart-Track has the numbers for us.

Nintendo confirms new 3D Mario and Mario Kart for Wii U

Nintendo shitting on haters left, right and centre.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review

Paper Mario hits the 3DS. Does the series lose something in the transition to handhelds?

Top 25 Famous Figures Who Look Like Mario

Mario is one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable figures in videogames. Thousands of fans each year ... Read More

50 Funniest Mario Memes You WIll Ever See

Mario is one of the most prominent names in the video games industry, and so, understandably, quite a few of t... Read More

“I don’t enjoy playing Mario games”- Rayman creator

Rayman Origins has been out in the market fir some time now, and it's been met with great critical response,... Read More

PETA says use of Tanooki suit was “a fun way to call attention to a serious issue”; asks Mario fans to “relax”

PETA recently started a "campaign" against Nintendo's Mario series, against the fact that the games are  "... Read More

Nintendo Responds to PETA’s Accusations Regarding Mario

We reported here, how PETA created a "Mario kills Tanuki" campaign by creating a game where you have to help... Read More

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